Monday, October 31, 2011

Morning Updates- 10/31/2011

Hello everyone. I don't have much time this morning, what with getting ready for class and things, so I'll give you a quick rundown.

-- Occupy Nashville had police everywhere they looked last night, but when they started filming, and media showed up to ask about the lawsuits, they vanished. Hurrah for another night of freedom!

-- Police in Richmond called out one hour for protesters to clean up and get out, but reports from the Occupiers say they moved in after fifteen minutes. There have been arrests, but it is not clear how many.

-- Support for Occupy Oakland's General Strike on Nov. 2 is growing, according to several reports.

-- Doctors are saying that Scott Olsen should make a full recovery. Much love to him. :)

-- Many Occupy movements have something fun planned for Halloween. Check with yours to see if they have plans.

** This is all I have for now. I will be posting more on the blog this afternoon, when I have time to collect the information. Don't forget to check back! **

If you have any updates you would like to share with me, or any corrections I need to make, please email me at Please use the subject "Occupy Updated Info" so I know not to delete it. Thank you.

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