Monday, December 31, 2012

Updates 12/31/12

Hello everyone.

It's the last update of 2012. My paycheck still isn't here, so no champagne for me tonight. I had hoped to be able to get a cheap bottle to share with the wife. It's also quite messy outside, as the snow has picked up again. The snow critters that I built are a lot smaller now, and the one meant to be me got peed on by a neighbor's dog. A bit rude, but it made me laugh. 

Let's get to the news.

-- Two people in NYC have been arrested after police found a makeshift bomb, books, and plenty of materials an their apartment. The area had to be evacuated. The couple apparently have radical political views, but it is not known where or when they planned to use the bomb. The woman is nine months pregnant, and is the daughter of a prominent New York physician and a well-known real estate agent, and the man is allegedly an organizer for Occupy Wall Street.

-- The Occupier who became well known when he was arrested after berating the police in a DC park is suing the government over the excessive use of a taser on him. He claims that the police used the taser on him after he was placed in handcuffs, but video accounts may not match up to his statements. 

-- In Moscow, at least two dozen people have been arrested after they held an unsanctioned New Year's protest. The people are attempting to protest on the 31st of every month that has 31 days, in reference to Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which supposedly guarantees free assembly.

-- Protesters in Egypt were engaged in a sit-in in Tahrir Square when several masked gunmen drove up and opened fire, seriously injuring two activists. The sit-in is meant in protest of the disputed constitution that the Islamist President Morsi is attempting to pass. 


I wish I had some happier news for you on the last day of 2012. May next year be brighter for us all. 


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Updates 12/30/12

Hello everyone.

There's snow on the ground, a new neighbor moving in with a really yappy dog, and my paycheck was delayed for some reason. Hopefully this isn't a show of what next year will be like.

-- Occupy Steubenville hit the streets in protest while working with Anonymous to call on the school and school board to take responsibility and action against those who perpetrated and perpetuated the rape of an intoxicated (to the point of incapacitation) 16 year old girl by some of the school's star football players. 

-- The lawyer attempting to sue the state and other entities for $100 million dollars after the Sandy Hook shooting has turned out to be the official attorney for Occupy New Haven. (Occupiers, you may want to find a new lawyer.)

-- Here's a great take from Naomi Wolf and Countercurrents on how the recent FBI documents expose the state of our nation, and why they should mean much more to the average Joe than they do.

-- [Chuck] Our national deficit is ridiculous, and this petition wants to do something about it. Sign here to demand that congresspeople and Senators only receive $75,000 in pay for three years to hep fix it.

-- [Chuck] From Ralph Nader, here are "17 Solutions for a Better America in 2013."

-- [Chuck] What has been happening with Native communities since Human Rights Day? Well, the Idle No more movement has been gaining momentum and moving toward action.


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Updates 12/29/12

Hello everyone.

I'm even later than usual today, aren't I? My sleep issues are getting worse.

-- It's becoming more and more obvious that the FBI knew about a major threat to the safety of Occupiers, but did nothing about it. This terror plot against Occupy was sophisticated and frightening in its wording. 

-- The woman who was gang-raped in New Delhi, India, passed away yesterday, leaving the country rocked and bereaved, and protesters continually clashing with police. India has long had a tradition of victim-blaming in cases of rape, with some police stations even refusing to take statements from them and openly mocking them. 

-- [Chuck] In China, some events have been occurring that are simply appalling. This petition calls for the White House to thoroughly examine the practice of organ harvesting from illegal prisoners, a practice that has been gaining in popularity.

-- Dozens hit the streets in Georgia yesterday to protest the police shooting of an unarmed man. Apparently police originally said they were serving a warrant, but later admitted that they were actually on a service call when they shot the unarmed man three times in the chest.


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Friday, December 28, 2012

Updates 12/28/12

Hello everyone.

I'm back! It's been a while. Let's get to the news we missed. 

-- [Chuck] Fighting back against the Keystone XL can be difficult if you aren't nearby. A petition has been created to stand against the pipeline wherever you are.

-- [Chuck] We know that the FBI has been watching Occupy, but did they really believe it was counter terrorism? Apparently. In the first link, we look at some secret documents concerning the early days of Occupy. In the second link, we take a look at the FBI and the way they've been on the wrong side of history for quite some time.

-- [Chuck] The fiscal cliff is a simple way of playing corporations against people, and allowing the corporations to take precedence. To understand more about this, follow the link.

-- Around 100 Native Americans Occupied a Tacoma mall earlier this week to protest against new regulations in Canada that would lead to a reduction of Native rights in the country. Police asked the protesters to leave and remained on the premises to make sure they did not return.

-- A lot of naysayers are talking about the Rolling Jubilee, and how it doesn't seem to be doing much. Truth-Out has some interesting news, though. It turns out the the Rolling Jubilee has already eliminated over $100,000 of medical debt and counting. 


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lack of internet/overdose of holidays

Hello everyone.

I've just returned home after several days visiting family and friends across the state, and it feels so nice to be back. I haven't had internet access the entire time we have been gone. The snowstorm that hit knocked out my mother's internet just as we arrived, and trying to access the internet at the mother-in-law's just isn't a good time. So I just wanted to let you all know that I am quite sorry for the lack of updates over the holidays, but starting tomorrow (later today... you know what I mean) I will be updating again as regularly as possible. 

I hope your holidays have been going great so far, and that they continue to be wonderful and safe. 


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Updates 12/23/12

Hello everyone.

Some big news is hitting today about Occupy, and I don't think any of it is that great.

-- Occupy Sandy is dealing with a heart-wrenching event as a fire roared through one of the churches where their supplies have been stored. It is unclear as of yet how bad the damage is, but the fire did take several hours to knock down. Many of the volunteers are worried about the holiday gifts they wrapped just yesterday for survivors.

-- The FBI has recently released documents in which they admit to spying on multiple factions of Occupy, having surveillance as far north as Anchorage. They were apparently looking at Occupy as a possible "terrorism" threat. While this probably isn't big news to most of us, what's next may be. Apparently the documents also show that the FBI was aware of at least one plot to attack and assassinate the "leaders" of Occupy, yet do not reveal if anything was or would have been done about it.

-- [Chuck] Are you still confused about the NDAA and why it is not good for our country? If so, head over here to watch a video in which it's explained in 5 minutes.

-- [Chuck] Lastly today, we have some good wishes. Merry Christmas to everyone from Chuck! 


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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Updates 12/22/12

Hello everyone.

I may or may not be posting on the 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th. I'll be visiting family and having family visit and the like around those days, so I may not be able to post due to a lack of internet or a lack of time. We'll have to see how it goes.

-- Occupy Atlanta is placing some serious accusations on the city, saying that evidence has been suppressed and that the city has been spying on them. The city has denied these allegations, but court proceedings are making it difficult to deny. The city also denied the existence of some 800 pages of subpoenaed documents until a police officer testified under oath that the documents did exist.

-- [Chuck] When austerity methods are chosen, economic growth ceases. What kinds of problems can this cause? Take a look at this video as they walk you through austerity stricken Europe.

-- [Chuck] The apocalypse failed to show up, as most of us suspected would be the case. Here's an interesting video from NASA, explaining to all those who did believe "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday."

-- [Chuck] If the apocalypse would have been yesterday, there would have been at least one good thing to come of it. We would have had our debt wiped away. Here, Truth-Out imagines what it would be like if all the world's debt just disappeared.

-- Occupy LA has now filed a class action suit against the city for violations of their First Amendment rights and other civil rights violations. The suit alleges that police officers violated protesters rights, and documents injuries that were suffered by some of the roughly 200 activists during and after their arrests.


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Friday, December 21, 2012

Updates 12/21/12

Happy apocalypse everyone. Ha ha ha.

I know that joke has gotten old, even though it's not been going that long. Possibly because we already knew these jokes were coming. 

Anyway, Chuck sent in a ton of links today, and I have a migraine, so we're going to run with what Chuck has for us.

-- [Chuck] A moment of silence was held today across the nation in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. The President tweeted about the victims and honoring their memories, and flags across the states were lowered to half staff. The first link here discusses the moment of silence, while the second is a tribute video.

-- [Chuck] Julian Assange is still inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and he has given a Christmastime address from the balcony of the assembly. He has been granted political asylum in Ecuador, but has been locked down in the Embassy.

-- [Chuck] Reverend Billy is the Colbert of Ministry, playing with humor in order to reveal the truth. What truth? The truth about commercialization, consumerism, and why you shouldn't have to buy to be giving.

-- [Chuck] A state Representative is finally speaking out against our highly unregulated food industry, calling for a third party investigation and regulation of the processes.

-- [Chuck] What do the forests mean? How does consumerism blind us to the worth? This article is a really great read about what leaving consumerism can do, and why it is important to all of us.


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Updates 12/20/12

Hello everyone.

You know what bothers me about our population? The sheer stupidity found in some of our members, and how proud they often are of their rudeness and idiocy. Take Mike Huckabee, for example. Fox News placed a temporary moratorium on talking about guns after the Newtown shooting, so what does Huckabee do? He took it upon himself to blame the massacre on "secularism," which to him apparently means iPads, abortion pills, and not hating the gays enough. Seriously.

Then we have Charlotte Allen, who seems to somehow believes physics should bend to her will as she proclaims that had their been men (or "huskier" 12 year old boys) present, they could have stopped the shooter's rampage, because in the words of one of my favorite comments of all times, "apparently testosterone is bulletproof." Allen was also brilliantly WRONG about there not being any men present, as one of the teachers and the custodian were men, and she was also wrong about the grades that attend the school. 

Let's get to the news before I tear my hair out.

-- The longest running Occupy encampment has been granted a temporary restraining order against the city and county of Honolulu due to the deprivation of civil rights during raids. They've been protesting against the law in the city that allows for the brutalization of homeless people and theft of their belongings. 

-- Danske Bank has apologized to Occupiers for co-opting their images for use in their commercials and for the role they played in the financial downfall. The bank was using the imagery of Occupy in advertisements declaring that they were changing for the better, upsetting many who felt they were attempting to belittle the movement.

-- Occupiers in Eugene have filed a lawsuit asking the courts to allow 24 hour demonstrations on federal property in order to call attention to the plight of the homeless population.

-- [Chuck] Lastly, here's a very honest quote from a very great comedian. 


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Updates 12/19/12

Hello everyone.

In an attempt to radically break out of the weird insomniac/illness slump that I have been in, I decided that I wouldn't sleep last night. I'll be "starting fresh" tonight when I hit the hay around 9 tonight. I feel that is a pretty reasonable hour. Also, it's supposed to storm pretty bad here... They said we may end up with a few December tornadoes. I hope not. Those are terrible. 

Also, I thought this was funny, and wanted to share. They are going to be cutting power to our entire apartment complex to replace a transformer, so it will be out for several hours. While that isn't usually funny, I find it hilarious that they are performing this move on the 21st, meaning that anyone who didn't get the notice (which they ever so nicely not only hung by our mailboxes, but also taped to everyone's door) may end up genuinely freaking out about an "apocalypse." *giggle*


-- The city of Los Angeles has finally tallied up the costs of Occupy, and determined that the L.A. offshoot of the movement cost the city roughly four million dollars. This includes the massive amounts of overtime spent on the police force and other officials, as well as clean up and "construction" costs. (What on Earth did they have to build?)

-- The squatters Occupying a library in North London are happy with the outcomes of a court case that will have them evicted. While the judge ordered them to leave the premises, he recognized their right to protest and stayed the eviction by six weeks. The Occupying squatters were running the closed branch as a community library to highlight the need for such services, and their efforts were supported by members of the community.

-- [Chuck] Austerity cuts are coming to the US, unless we fight back to stop them. Tell the President (and Congress, and anyone who will listen and do something) that it is unacceptable to cut Social Security. Here's a petition demanding that the program NOT be cut.

-- Some are saying that 2013 is going to be a big year for laborers and unions, but they aren't giving any reasons why. That changes now, with this article from Truth-Out. Check out the "Five Signs 2013 Could Be a Great Year for Labor Organizing."


Thanks for sticking with me, all of you. Everyone who reads, shares, discusses, or even sneers. Just the fact that I'm still doing this over a year later surprises me, but not much about all you protesters out there does. You are strong, brilliant people, and your voices should be heard, and heard well.

Kitty --

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Updates 12/18/12

Hello everyone.

I can't seem to get into the holiday spirit, which I suppose isn't all that surprising. Our "enterprising" culture here in the States isn't exactly one that acclimates well with generosity and kindness. It can be really difficult to be thrilled to give when you are so worried about paying rent for the next month. I give as much as I can anyway.. usually more than I can afford to, which I did once again this month. 

Also, it used to snow all the time here before the holidays. Sometimes it would even snow before Thanksgiving. Now it doesn't usually snow here until January, and even then you'll be lucky if it sticks. We haven't had real snow here in over two years. 

But climate change isn't real, yeah? 

-- Occupy Sandy has been a huge relief effort, but other help has been slow to come, if at all. Now Occupiers are residents are standing up to fight back against the lack of help, holding government responsible and showing up at the mayor's mansion. With all the issues still facing residents, we'll be seeing a lot more protesting to come.

-- While it sounds like the Walmart protests aren't amounting to much , the activists aren't done. At the Port of Newark in New Jersey, dozens of activists blocked a ship carrying Wal-mart goods from coming ashore, chanting against the corporate giant that had a hand in over 100 deaths at a clothing factory.

-- [Chuck] Robert Reich is a professor at UC-Berkeley, and he has plenty of opinions about the world of politics today. He writes about how politics affect our children, what the fiscal cliff means, inequalities, and jobs. It's interesting and educational. 

-- [Chuck] Here's an excerpt from an interview with Michael Moore concerning the shootings in America since Columbine, and I have to say I fully agree with at least one of his statements. "Americans kill people."


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Monday, December 17, 2012

Updates 12/17/12

Hello everyone. 

Anyone else noticing how weird the weather is lately? I got up earlier and it looked normal outside... Now that it's the afternoon, there is a massive amount of fog outside. So crazy.

-- Anonymous is unhappy with the Westboro Baptist Church again, and they are poised to attack if the so-called "church" follows through with their plans to picket the funerals of the Connecticut elementary school shooting victims. (I'm all for free speech, but you need to take responsibility for it as well. If your "speech" intentionally causes undue stress and harm to people who are already in a distressed state of mind, they should be allowed to sue the hell out of you. And with the WBC, there's certainly a lot of hell to be sued.)

-- [Chuck] Several countries have made the pledge to go with all renewable energy by a certain date, but the US isn't one of them. Here's a petition demanding that Congress expedite the transition to renewable energy.

-- Occupiers are back in court in Atlanta, continuing the trial of many who were arrested back in 2011 for being in the park after the 11 p.m. closing time. Over 50 defendants are in the case, and now they are upset that the judge has banned all cameras from the proceedings.

-- A conflict of interest is a bit of an understatement to use when discussing the little known program from the NYPD called the Paid Detail Unit. This Unit allows banks to hire on police officers, not as outside security officers, but as police who work through both the city and the bank. When protesters come to the bank, what does the police officer do? Protect the citizens' rights or the bank's interests? I think we know the answer.


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Updates 12/16/12

Hello everyone.

-- [Chuck] College is supposed to be a path to the future, but instead, it is a path to debt. Here's a college professor's take on the matter, and it's a rather interesting read.

-- [Chuck] Monsanto is at it again, sneaking into the court system and dismantling any protections from them by lobbying for falsely named bills. Here is a petition to stop the new bill that would allow Monsanto to continue to distribute GMO foods during legal appeals processes. 

-- In Bahrain, the King gave his annual national address and appealed for unity among the people. The pleasant thought didn't last long though, as protesters took to the streets soon after. Many were pushed back by tear gas shot by police, while youths blocked roads with burning tires. The protesters are calling for longer, larger marches next week.

-- The Pope recently gave the annual Peace Message, and now protesters are lashing out at the pontiff. In the speech, the Pope declared that gay unions and abortions were threats to peace. 

-- Holocaust survivors are standing up against the Jerusalem cabinet, after they have been refused reimbursements for medical costs that they were promised. The survivors are promised reimbursements for up to $1000 for medical costs, yet over 8,000 of them have not seen any money returned to them due to a hold on the finances. In the past year, 35 survivors have passed away while waiting for reimbursement.


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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Updates 12/15/12

Hello everyone.

I know this is quite late, because I wasn't sure if I would post today. I'm going to post a few news stories, and then I'm going to talk for a minute.

-- [Chuck] Internet regulation by the UN doesn't look to be happening anytime soon. The UN Internet treaty has failed to pass.

-- [Chuck] The US government says they haven't made a decision about intervening in the issues with Syria, but the 17 warships parked off the Syrian coast say otherwise.


I had several contributors send me different information about the shooting yesterday in Newtown. What happened yesterday was an absolute tragedy. I received multiple emails concerning gun laws, with both regulation and deregulation as their points. Now, I can see both sides, and I understand their points. If the man wouldn't have had a gun yesterday, there would have been much less death. But the same can be said for if the teachers were armed. 

Even then, it's entirely impossible to say what would have happened either way. But the point is that right now, we shouldn't be saying any of it. Yes, it is important to open a dialogue about what could be done in the future to prevent such events from happening. But when you don't even have all the facts concerning what happened yet, are you really having an honest dialogue? I don't think so. I think that right now, we should be grieving. We should be taking the time to say how sad this was. Then, later, when we finally know everything about the tragedy, we can work on figuring out what steps to take to prevent this.

So no. Right now I won't post fake letters from children thought to be involved in the shooting. I won't post speculation. I won't post petitions for either side. Talk to me later, when we know what really occurred. 

Solidarity to all, sympathy to those who need it, and heartfelt thoughts to all those who are sad this holiday season, whatever the reason.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Updates 12/14/12

Hello everyone.

I'm up and about quite early this morning, as I took my younger cat to be spayed this morning. I had been wanting to get her in for an appointment for a while, but then she started peeing on everything, so it needed to get done. I'm a worry-wart pet parent/owner/servant, and have already called the vet once to see how she is doing (I dropped her off at 8. It's 9.) and I will no doubt call at least 4 more times before I pick her up at five. Luckily the vet is used to my worrying, so they don't get upset when I call so often. 

Anyway, news.

-- An Occupier will be facing charges in court after he allegedly threw bricks at other protesters from the top of a vacant building that had been taken over by the group. The man, Jesse Nesbitt, got in trouble last year for throwing a bottle at a city worker while on Justin Herman Plaza. Nesbitt says serving in the military hardened his heart, and that he saw battle even though he served in South Korea during peacetime. 

-- Scott Olsen is a name familiar to every Occupier, as the Iraqi War Vet who was shot in the head with a bean bag round by police, causing severe injuries during a protest last year. Police then attempted to prevent other protesters from assisting him by firing rounds and tear gas at them. But the whole story has been spotty at best. Here's a full account of what happened to Olsen, and why he is suing.

-- Several groups are joining forces in Oregon to protest a Nike deal that would provide a mere 500 jobs, but would give the corporate giant tax breaks for years to come. Protesters are angry at the multiple austerity efforts happening in the state, but there is still somehow enough funds to give them breaks. 

-- In Eugene, an offshoot of Occupy is working hard to bring attention to the plight of the homeless. SLEEPS (Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep) has been roaming the city, setting up homeless camps, and being evicted by police in order to show that there is a sort of social cleansing against the homeless.


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Updates 12/13/12

Hello everyone. 

It is one of those weeks.

-- A judge has approved a plan concerning the Oakland Police Department and their new compliance director, which will hopefully keep officers in line and from overstepping their bounds.

-- [Chuck] Senator Gretchen Whitmer is absolutely livid about Republicans pushing the Right to Work laws through in Michigan, and tells them so in this video.

-- [Chuck] In at least ten different countries, Walmart workers will be standing up against the corporate giant tomorrow, addressing multiple concerns.

-- [Chuck] Worried about climate change? Here's a petition to President Obama to get him to pay more serious attention to this serious problem, and the video is pretty good too.

-- [Chuck] Why do we have unions? What are they? Why do they need to exist? These are questions that we might not like to ask, for fear of seeming ignorant of the situation. But here's a great explanation of everything you need to know.

-- The Occupier whose Tweets were subpoenaed has been sentenced, after the Tweets apparently proved his guilt. 

-- [Chuck] While I may not always agree with Noam Chomksy (He was a linguist first, before he went into political stuff, and I dislike many of his theories), his politics are usually spot on. Here's what he believes we need now that the election is over.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Updates 12/12/12

Hello everyone.

It's a strange date, isn't it? 12/12/12. All my friends on Facebook are going nutty about what they are going to be doing at 12:12 on 12/12/12. I think they're a bit on the silly side, to be honest. 

 -- [Chuck] Ever wonder why oil is such a big deal? Well, here is a partial list of items created from petroleum, not counting gasoline. Take a look.

-- [Chuck] Construction work on a part of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas has been halted by a judge. The plaintiff in the case is a retired US Marine, who says he isn't afraid of the company, and that they lied to the people about what they are doing.

-- [Chuck] Is our climate changing? It's pretty obvious now that the answer is yes, but some people still refuse the evidence. Here are some stories of what people had to face due to climate change. Some of them are heartbreaking.

-- The AP is finally admitting that the term "Right to Work" isn't exactly accurate, but their methods are a bit misleading themselves. Check out this journalist's story on the "5 Things to Know about the Michigan Right to Work Bills" to see for yourself what's going on.

-- [Chuck] Speaking of Michigan, the protesters against the "Right to Work" laws aren't going away anytime soon, and even the President agrees with them. Here's a story about the fight, and a photo of the protest in action.

-- Occupiers in New Zealand had a surprise last week when, for the first time, violence arose out of a protest, leading the media to vilify them. It turns out that there was more to the story than met the eye. A leak has sprung that says that the New Zealand police were bragging about setting off the violence when a police officer broke ranks and ran into the crowd. 

-- Another journalist is suing the LAPD for their actions during an Occupy protest last year after he was brutally manhandled by police, who claimed he was "drunk and disorderly." Eyewitness accounts and video show that the journalist has just displayed his credentials to police and was acting as a member of the media when he was taken down.

-- [Chuck] Audio surveillance is one thing most people don't worry about too often, but it may be coming to a bus near you. Yes, public buses are being secretly installed with hidden microphones to pick up on any plans you may have, and record and store public conversations. 


I was just thinking.. With all the terror the government is racking us with at home, isn't it time we bring the "War on Terror" to our own shores? I'm pretty terrified of the government, and that's their intention... That's called terrorism. 



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Monday, December 10, 2012

Updates 12/10/12

Hello everyone.

I got a lot more done yesterday than I thought I would, so I'm quite happy about that. I'm probably going to reward myself with a nap in a little bit.

-- In Michigan today, roads are being closed and diverted, police are at the ready, and unions are hitting the streets to protect their rights. They are working to prevent Michigan from becoming another "right to work" state, which would make them the 24th to do so.

-- A California professor has filed a federal case against the Oakland Police for the excessive force used against him during a protest in January. The sociology teacher says he was roughed up by police, hit with batons, and thrown to the ground. He was at the protest to research why protesting has turned violent for a book he is working on.

-- The NYPD are working to satisfy what seems to be a political vendetta, after an artist drew up a poster of the NYPD drones attacking innocent people. Police normally don't pay much attention to vandalism, but in this case they were fingerprinting the posters and searching for leads. They finally got one and have now arrested the artist. (Really? Because there is nothing more important, right?)

-- Today is Human Rights Day, and it seems that rights just about everywhere are being trampled and protested for. Here PolicyMic examines the worst offenders against Human Rights... and surprise, four of them are on the UN Human Rights Council.


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Updates 12/9/12

Hello everyone.

I know, I know... Late post today, no post yesterday. I'm worried. I'm working as hard as I can on this paper, but it feels like I'm spinning my wheels. On top of all of that, I'm still very sick, and the stress from this isn't allowing me to recover.

All the posts today are from Chuck. 

-- Two senators have introduced a bill that would prevent an "Internet Kill Switch" from ever developing. The bill states that having such a "switch," an ability to shut down the internet, also shuts down the freedom of the people.

-- Angry at Starbucks for having not paid taxes in the UK, protesters are Occupying the stores and using them for useful purposes, like childcare facilities, libraries, and women's shelters. 

-- Fox News, anyone? Robert F. Kennedy says the answer should be "No." The attorney for environmental rights believes that the conservative news groups are tearing our country apart.

-- But that isn't all about Fox. The Intelligence Institute did a study on news viewers, and found that those who watch Fox News have 20 fewer IQ points than the average.


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Updates 12/7/12

Hello everyone.

I'm working on this last paper today like a madman. My response to pretty much everything is "Don't bother me right now; I'm writing."

-- In Qatar, Arab youths held a silent unregistered protest about their concerns over climate change, and the results were horrifying. At least two of the young people, considered to be the leaders of the protest, have been deported from the country.

-- [Chuck] A Wall Street Bank is laying off over 11,000 workers in order to trim expenses. The news of the layoffs come directly after Citigroup gave its two former executives 14 million dollars after they were fired for poor management. 

-- Oakland has temporarily given up control of their police force to a court-ordered compliance director. The change comes from the civil rights case against the force alleged that police used excessive force, planted drugs on suspects, and filed false reports. A new assessment will be done in the spring to determine if the changes have been enough to prevent a federal takeover.

-- [Chuck] A new plan has come to light that offers America the chance to use "half the oil" that our country is using now. It's quite interesting.

-- [Chuck] Lastly, here is a video, a call to arms of sorts, for the Mexican Art Community. #WeAreAllPrisoners resonates strongly.


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