Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Updates 10/30/2011

Hello everyone. Here's the most recent news I have found for us.

- Occupy Nashville was left alone last night! They are very happy.

- Occupy Denver was raided last night around 8pm. They were shot at, and their belongings were thrown in the trash. They were told to clear the park, but that sidewalks were okay to sleep on, so they moved to the sidewalks to avoid arrest.

- Occupy Oakland planned to march to the Police Department, but were diverted by police lines along the way. They peacefully reassembled at the plaza.

- Two dozen protesters were arrested in Portland, Oregon, last night when they refused to vacate a park. A quote from one of the protesters: "Tweeting with your hands twist tied is surprising difficult."

- 38 Occupiers have been arrested in Austin, Texas, after they refused to leave the area around City Hall. Their food tables were dismantled. Two days ago, the city of Austin issued rules saying food tables at the event must be put away between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

- Occupy Albuquerque has a new tradition that they are sharing. When someone is arrested for Civil Disobedience, they receive a silver painted zip tie to wear on their wrist as a badge of honor for the courage they have displayed. They are asking that this be shared to other movements.

- Occupy Anchorage invaded the De'naina Center last night to protest Karl Rove's appearance. They were removed from the center after chanting "Arrest Karl Rove" throughout his speech.

- Occupy Egypt has been marching in solidarity. A quote from an Egyptian news article states: "Things in the USA have gone seriously wrong when protesters in a Mideast police state are feeling sympathy for America."

- Occupy Tampa was raided last night, with 3 people being arrested. Reports are spotty.

- Occupy Wall Street is braving frigid temperatures and three inches of slushy snow. Some have been referring to themselves as Occupopsicles.

- Occupy Copenhagen was torn down three days ago, and apparently police are baffled at how quickly they reassembled everything and almost doubled in number.


If you have any updates you would like to share with me, or any corrections I need to make, please email me at Please use the subject "Occupy Updated Info" so I know not to delete it. Thank you.

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