Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy updates 10/29/2011

Hello all,

Here are some updates from Occupy locations. I'm providing as much current info as I can.

**Today in 1929 was the day the stock market crashed.**

Occupy Nashville protesters were arrested last night. They had around 25 arrests, including a reporter, a legal observer, and an elderly man who confronted police. They were later released with only citations. Immediately after release, they marched back to the Plaza, and have been there ever since. They are expecting another raid tonight, but with every raid, their numbers grow.

An unusual October snowstorm is heading to the Northeast. Snow and heavy winds are expected. Occupy Wall Street is attempting to get donations for bicycle powered generators, since theirs were confiscated by police. "OWS is in desperate need of warm-weather sleeping bags, long johns, gloves and other supplies to keep them warm as the snow rolls in this weekend."-- from their website.

Occupy Oakland has declared Wednesday, November 2, General Strike and Mass Day of Action. When Mayor Jean Quan got in line to speak at a GA, she was booed off the stage. They are setting up a "Text Blast" system, where they use a short code to give people information on the fly. *Also, Scott Olsen's condition has been upgraded to fair. He is still unable to speak, but is aware and understands when people speak to him.*

Occupy Atlanta occupied private space last night as they decide where to go. A homeless man, known as Copper, credits OccupyAtlanta with helping him to cure his addiction to crack and saving his life. Proud of them!

Occupy Chicago is having difficulties finding a permanent location. The city is refusing to let them choose a location, and will not drop charges against those they have arrested.

Occupy San Diego- The ACLU is attempting to get charges dropped, because many arrested protesters cannot afford to bail out.


London- St. Pal's Cathedral is seeking legal action to remove protesters.

Occupy Melbourne marched last night in solidarity to OWS. Their numbers are growing as they march to different Universities.

South Africa- 2000 Johannesburg youths marched on the Chamber of Mines and Stock Exchange.

Occupy movements are cropping up in Slovenia, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Egypt, Germany, and many others.


If you have any updates you would like to share with me, or any corrections I need to make, please email me at Please use the subject "Occupy Updated Info" so I know not to delete it. Thank you.

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