Friday, May 10, 2013

It's been a while, huh?

Hi everyone.

I'm really sorry that I haven't been around in a while. I know I said I would still post important things, but I haven't even done that. I've had some really bad issues, and now I'm going to ask you guys for some help.

Can you all please head over to this link, read what's been going on with me, and possibly donate/share/do whatever you can to help me out? I'm working on getting in to see a specialist too, and that isn't listed in that link. You get rewards for helping.

I'm so sorry to ask this of you all. I'd appreciate if you would at the very least share this around? The more people that see it, the more likely it is I can get some help.

Thanks so much. As soon as I get back on my feet, I'll try to get back to posting important things.

As always, if you have any questions, or anything I can do for ya'll, email me at

-- Kitty

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Updates 3/2/13

Hello everyone.

Tomorrow I will be 27 years old. Feels strange to realize that I'm so much closer to 30 than 20 or even 25. But it's okay. I've been an adult for over 15 years (in actions and mental acuity) so it just feels the same. With my wife out of the country, and my family unable to visit (and I unable to visit them) due to weather, my birthday is even less important this year. Maybe I'll just celebrate my half-birthday in six months. :)

Anyway, we have some interests links from Chuck, of course. We can always count on Chuck.

-- The Violence Against Women Act passed the other day, leading to much celebration from supporters, who fought hard to get there. There is still much to be done to reach equality, though, and you can see how you can help here.

-- A new bill has hit Congress. "To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or as civilian service in a Federal, State, or local government program or with a community-based agency or community-based entity, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to provide for the registration of women under the Military Selective Service Act, and for other purposes."

-- Law enforcement officials are training their officers to break the "Sovereign Citizen" movement, and documents have been found proving this.

-- The next two links are very interesting, and concern our foods here in America. Check out these links. First up, a reporter takes an in depth look at how food companies managed to get Americans addicted to their foods. Second, another look is taken at how processed food took over our lunches.


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Monday, February 25, 2013

Updates 2/25/13

Hello everyone.

I know it has been a little while since I posted. I've been quite busy with school and doctor's visits, so I need to apologize to Chuck too, who has been reliably sending me information.

This is all from Chuck, and I am so grateful for it all. :)

-- Another new internet legislating law is making its rounds, and this time it is even more outrageous. The "Six Strikes" law would punish those accused of copyright infringement by restricting their internet access. To contest their accusations, you would have to pay a fee.

-- This is what Democracy feels like.

-- 31 corporations and banks dodged $128 BILLION in taxes this year. Care to see which ones shirked their responsibilities as American companies? Look here.

-- If Congress doesn't reach an agreement by March 1st, "automatic" spending cuts will fall into place, cutting $85 Billion from critical programs for the poor, unemployed, and children. How will this affect them? Here's a discussion of the damages that would result from these cuts.

-- A reminder from Patti Smith of who really has the power in this world.

-- An amazing revolution is taking place in Spain, and the photos and stories from the events are streaming out of the cities. Check it out here.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updates 2/20/13

Hello everyone.

Chuck has sent in a few links for us today.

-- This movie is titled "ReGeneration," and Chuck was quite insistent that I not only share this, but watch it myself. I know what I'll be doing this Saturday! The movie is about people coming into the adult world today, and facing the endless struggle of finding a place in a struggling planet.

-- When it comes to Climate Change, we know that most people (and scientists) believe it is happening. So how is it that Climate Change Deniers keep getting center stage? It turns out that they have a veritable ton of help, in the form of millions of dollars coming in from the conservative and secretive Donors Trust.

-- The nationwide strike in India is spreading across the country, with shops, schools, and government offices shutting down as people protest rising prices, expensive fuel, and the planned economic reforms the government will be implementing.


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Monday, February 18, 2013

Update 2/18/13

Hello everyone.

The largest climate march in history happened this weekend, and Chuck has sent in several links for you to see what went on.

The first link is a petition to President Obama to move forward with climate action. The rest of the links are photos from the events, and they are definitely worth looking at.


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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Updates 2/17/13

Hello everyone.

I have two bits of news for you today. The first is from Chuck.

-- [Chuck] Today, people from across the country are gathering on the National Mall to stand against the Keystone XL pipeline. You can pledge to stand against it too.

-- Occupy LA has several news stations after them for postings on their Facebook page that appear to support alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner. Dorner was killed, although it is unknown how or by whom, in a cabin surrounded by police, which burned dramatically on television. Check out the story.


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Friday, February 15, 2013

Update 2/15/13

Hello everyone.

I meant to post this earlier, but my internet was being spotty. I had physical therapy today, and I believe I am finally on the road to recovery. Thanks for all the well-wishes!

In case you haven't heard, two major events happened today. The first was that an asteroid passed over Earth less than 20,000 miles above the surface. That seems like a lot until you realize that the Moon is actually over 200,000 miles away from Earth. The second event is related to the first, and you have probably already heard about it. A meteorite fell to Earth in Russia, causing a crater and injuries to over 1200 people.

The first link talks about the relation between the two events (freakily, there apparently isn't any.) The next link discusses the Russian meteorite in detail, and even includes video of the freak incident.

Next up, this link is from Chuck. A few days ago, the Sierra Club held a civil disobedience action against the Keystone pipeline at the White House; their first in 120 years according to the second link.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Update 2/13/13 -- Calling it quits.

Hello everyone.

I've been working on the news for well over a year now, and I've really appreciated all the help and encouragement I have gotten from everyone. I started this blog to help people get the news they needed, all in one place, because no other site had that. 

With my declining health and escalating workload, I've been finding that my postings are becoming more and more erratic. I greatly dislike that this has happened. It makes me feel like I am letting my readers down by being unreliable, even though that is far from the actual case. 

So I have decided that I will no longer be posting on a strict schedule. I will only post when I find links or news that I believe will be of great interest to you, and when I am sent these by Chuck or other suppliers. I will also not be sending out the emails anymore. The only way to access the info I post will be directly from the blog at 

You should subscribe to the blog if you do not want to check it daily, but want to be alerted when I post something. I cannot thank my loyal readers enough for sticking by. If you need me, you can still reach me anytime at I know you all understand, and I feel honored to have been able to help so much. 

When things pick back up again, rest assured that I will as well. I won't just leave you all hanging. 



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updates 2/12/13

Hello everyone.

I'm sure you've noticed a lack of news lately. You have my greatest apologies for that. I have been, and still am, in immense pain. It seems that the doctor thinks I may have punctured a disk in my spine. I have an MRI later this week. Wish me luck. I need it. 

-- [Chuck] We need the President to stay on topic and work hard on climate action. It isn't enough to just say you will work on it. You must actually do so. Go here to read and sign this open letter to the President, asking for bold climate action.

-- On the anniversary of the fall of Mubarak, Egyptians took to the streets in a mass protest. Many of the people do not like the successor of the dictator, and are demanding that this regime fall as well.

-- The entire world is unhappy with North Korea's underground nuclear test, but none so unhappy as South Koreans, it would seem. Protesters are rallying in Seoul against the North Korean government, calling for a strong punishment against it.


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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Updates 2/10/13

Hello everyone.

It figures that the day I set aside to do some fun stuff to treat myself, it would be storming all day. I can't seem to catch much of a break anymore.

-- [Chuck] Bad news everyone. CISPA is back, and Congress will be looking into it as early as next week. This is another bill that would tread heavily on our privacy. Look here to find out what you can do about it. 

-- [Chuck] New information keeps pouring in about how the dirty oil from the Keystone XL pipeline would affect the environment around the world, and the upcoming rallies meant to stop it.

-- Students at the University of Sussex are still Occupying their school's conference center in protest of the school's plans to outsource over two hundred jobs to a privatized company. The students have been protesting since Thursday, and show no signs of stopping. 


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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Updates 2/9/13

Hello everyone.

I cannot believe I broke a tooth again. I'm going to need dentures soon.

-- The charges against over two dozen Boston Occupiers have been dropped, but at least five of the activists are fighting to have the charges reinstated. They want to fight the accusations on their own merits, pointing out that Freedom of Speech and Assembly come first. The Occupiers were in a public park when they were first arrested.

-- Israeli forces dismantled two different Palestinian protest camps, apparently growing more violent as they moved through. The first camp had no injuries or arrests. At the second camp, at least six people were arrested, including two credentialed journalists there to cover the activity. Two protesters had to be taken to the hospital. Israeli officials have declared the area to be a "closed military zone."

-- In Dublin, Irish unions are hitting the streets to show their disdain for austerity clauses in the country. ROughly 20,000 people were in attendance of the march, which declared that people wanted "Jobs, not Debt." 

-- While some people will jump for joy at getting free publicity, others are none too thrilled with the multi-million dollar comic industry cashing in on Occupy. They have new comics set to come out soon, one set up with the 1% trying to make the world better, and one with the 99% trying to regain the power. Personally, I'm on the not so thrilled side of things. Check out more info on the comics here.


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Friday, February 8, 2013

Updates 2/8/13

Hello everyone. 

The news is short today.

-- [Chuck] A new Spanish Revolution is taking place in the streets of Barcelona, Madrid, and other cities across Spain. These people are fighting for their rights, and they aren't stopping anytime soon. Read more bout why they are calling themselves the "winters at Sol."

-- [Chuck] Three different US states are fighting to put climate change denial in their textbooks in order to promote what they call a "balanced view" of global warming. The states of Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona have the bills ready to go, thanks to the help of ALEC.

-- Around 150 people marched in San Francisco last night to once again protest police brutality against the citizens of the city. Two weeks ago, police apprehended a man who was allegedly assaulting someone on the sidewalk, and the event was caught on video. People at the protest say that the police used excessive force against the man, and shoved his face into a storm grating.


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updates 2/7/13

Hello everyone.

The medication for my back seems to be helping quite a bit. I am up and about, albeit carefully. I wish I knew why I kept getting inflamed for no reason. Maybe fibromyalgia can do that to you. I'm honestly not sure. I should probably do a little more research into the illnesses I have. 

-- A judge has ruled that the case against government officials by an Occupy DC member can go on, despite protests from the government claiming that the doctrine of qualified immunity made the case null. The judge disagreed, citing that they should have known they were violating someone's constitutional rights by destroying the property.

-- Students in Milwaukee took a stand on their college campus, demanding that their school stop ordering Palermo's Pizza, where workers have been on strike since June. The manager of the on-campus pizza stand told students that regardless of the protest and a written Faculty Senate resolution condemning the sales, they will continue to offer the choice of Palermo's Pizza.

-- In a great display of defiance, protesters took to the balcony of the Birmingham Council House with banners decrying the massive cuts lawmakers are planning for the area. Over 625 million pounds will be cut from the budget, which will disproportionately affect the poor and sickly. A march is planned for February 28th, the day that the votes for the cuts will go through.

-- Do you want to support Palestinians and Gaza? Here's a great way to get involved. If you are in or around Washington DC, you can join up with this 5k and fundraise for the people of Gaza. If you aren't in the area, you can donate through this site, support a runner, or even start your own fundraising webpage. 


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updates 2/6/13

Hello everyone.

Thanks for bearing with me. I'm dealing with a lot of pain again, but the medicine seems to be working. I slept okay last night for the first time in a week. One of the worst things about getting sick or injured this often is that people tend to either stop believing you or stop caring. I can deal with the not caring part better than I can the not believing. I don't understand how hypochondriacs pull it off.

Let's get to the news. :)

-- Some interesting paperwork has been released by the Berkeley Police Department, showing the calls and movements of their Tactical Unit back in November of 2011. You can see where they went, what the orders were, and in some cases, who gave them. Accountability may be finally showing up, folks.

-- [Chuck] America's largest debt problem isn't education, credit cards, or even war. It's the exact problem I'll be dealing with when I graduate: student loans. How fast are student loans growing, and how big of a problem is this? Check this out for more information.

-- One of the leaders of the Occupy Our Homes Atlanta movement was knocked down during a protest while houses were being auctioned off. He wasn't injured, and the man who knocked into him claimed that he simply fell over a sign and tripped into the protester. No charges were filed.

-- A man was trampled and injured in Greece as farmers handed out over 50 tons of free fruits and vegetables to desperate citizens. The images of the event were plastered all over the media, with a large outcry pouring forth concerning the state of growing despair faced by many in the country. 


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Monday, February 4, 2013

Updates 2/4/13

Hello everyone.

I have injured my back somehow... I'll be seeing the musculo-skeletal doctor tomorrow morning, so it's unlikely that I'll write tomorrow. Sorry.

-- [Chuck] Today would have been Rosa Park's 100th birthday, and this courageous woman deserves to be remembered well. Many people don't know that she was actually a lifelong activist, instead attributing her actions to one single day. But that's not the case. Check out this link to learn more about her "Rebellious Life."

-- [Chuck] What would be your reaction if you found out that fracking really was devastating your home and the areas around it? Here's a video of what happens when Yoko Ono and her fellow activists find out the truth about fracking effects in Pennsylvania.

-- [Chuck] A three day summit was held in Brooklyn over the weekend to discuss what else grassroots movements can do to help the people affected by Superstorm Sandy. The summit was open to the public and well-attended, with many looking for ways that they could lend a hand. Those who have been helping told stories of their activities and stories of what they have seen.

-- It would appear that the FBI isn't the only government agency with its eye on Occupy. The Canadian Mounties were also spying on the protesters in Ottawa, accumulating a dossier on the group. It has been 14 months since the surveillance occurred, but much of the details are just now coming to light.

-- Several members of Occupy Boston are not giving up their fight, even in the face of fines or possible jail time. They were arrested in 2011 for trespassing after their encampment expanded into a nearby area. Most of the people charges have paid small fines of 50 to 75 dollars, but others refuse to pay, stating that they did nothing wrong in expressing their freedoms. 

-- [Chuck] I must admit that I am a little emotional lately, for a wide array of reasons, but this video really touched me. I wish people would be more willing to help others.. to go out of their way to save someone or do one good deed. This is truly a heart-warming video.


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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updates 2/3/13

Hello everyone.

Apparently there is some sort of big game today... I wonder what the big deal is. (That's sarcasm.)

-- [Chuck] But let's talk about that "big game" shall we? It seems as though not everyone is thrilled to have the Super Bowl in their city. New Orleans citizens are unhappy with the police state and pat downs that accompany the turmoil, and they are even more angry that the Super Bowl decided to use roughly 8,000 "volunteers" instead of hiring area laborers who need the work. Check this video out for more information. This is something we likely won't be seeing on TV. 

-- Last year, in Minneapolis, police officers were accused of drugging members of the city's Occupy movement and homeless population, but the media swept it under the rug. Now the story is back in the form of a lawsuit, which says the police officers were using the people as part of a drug use spotting training exercise before they dumped them, still high, on the streets. 

-- Occupy Steubenville is back with a third rally in support of the young rape victim. The activists braved freezing temperatures in order to provide "community pride, and to end all bullying, violence, rape, and assault on people." The trial for the two teen athletes accused of raping the girl begins in early March.

-- While this isn't related to Occupy, it is related to human rights, and I felt that we should include it. Google Maps is officially annoying the country of North Korea, by allowing amateur cartographers to provide maps of the country. These maps include the typical hotels, schools, and hospitals, but also less common items, such as the military parade routes, a tower that celebrates their doctrine, and even some of the gulags are beginning to appear on the maps.


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Friday, February 1, 2013

Updates 2/1/13

Hello everyone.

Happy February, everyone. 

-- Occupy Monsanto popped out to protest the annual shareholders meeting where the new board members were being elected. Activists said that they were protesting the company's practices in lack of research transparency and the continued use of GMOs. 

-- Another Occupy offshoot, called Intern Labor Rights, is heading to Fashion Week in NYC to protest the unpaid internships that many must face to get into the industry. Most of these interns are overworked and paid absolutely nothing, which the group says isn't right. At a for-profit company, they say, compensation should be paid.

-- [Chuck] People are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, three months later. The stories of people and their needs are still coming in. Here's a really interesting read about how people are coming together to recover collectively.

-- [Chuck] Is America still the Land of the Free? It's difficult to say. This article says that at least some of our freedoms are gone, and I have to agree with it. FDR once outlined the four essential freedoms, and this article describes how we've lost them.


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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updates 1/31/13

Hello everyone. 

January is just about gone. It's quite bittersweet.

-- In China, 14 protesters who fought back against a government planned water treatment plant that would have spread even more pollution have pleaded guilty to starting a riot. The protest got out of hand, causing dozens of police injuries, and the local Communist Party leader found himself attacked and stripped partially nude. The government says sentencing will come later for the protesters, many of whom feel the charges are unfair because there has been no investigation of the officials involved.

-- A study by CUNY has found that members of Occupy Wall Street were disproportionately white and wealthy, and several news stories are picking up on this to criticize the movement. (Maybe if poor people could take a day off to protest every once in a while? No? Why? Oh, that's right, one day off means that they may lose everything they have, because that's what living paycheck to paycheck is. Well, what about the minorities? Shouldn't they get out there and protest? Of course, the white protesters don't usually have to worry about police targeting them for arrest and beating them just because they're a different color... Hmm... Maybe the study was a little biased towards those who supported President Obama as well, considering that the movement is made up of LOTS of different political backgrounds. I don't know about you, but when I hear that 72% of those who responded contributed to President Obama's campaign, and 43% knocked on doors for him, I'd say THAT in itself is a "little" disproportionate, and to me, that highly discredits any theory from that study.)

-- Greek protesters took to the streets again against austerity measures, this time pushing their way into the Labor Minister's office, where they remained for around two hours. Police used tear gas and batons against the crowd in an attempt to make them leave. Protests in Greece are becoming increasingly violent as people struggle more and more with daily life.

-- Boston residents who ride mass transit are subject to random bag inspections, in which a swab is run along their bag and then tested for explosives. An Occupy offshoot believes this to be against the 4th Amendment (and I happen to agree.) Two courts have already said that the practice is not against the 4th Amendment because they are not searching INSIDE your bag (that doesn't matter....) but Occupiers are staging demonstrations against the practice. A person can refuse to have their bag swabbed, but then would not be allowed to ride the transit system.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Updates 1/30/13

Hello everyone.

I need to make this quick today, so we're doing a simple link day. 

-- [Chuck] It's time for Congress to stop stalling and sign the Violence Against Women Act. Go here to sign the petition. 

-- [Chuck] In Colorado, farmers have begun to plant hemp thanks to the recent legalization. This could mean wonders for our country and environment.

-- Occupy Wichita is working to bring the story of a young girl who was killed by a speeding police officer to light. The girl was crossing the street outside of a crosswalk when the officer, who was speeding to a crime scene, hit her. He was not using sirens or lights.

-- [Chuck] Here's a closer look at the wedding between women and Citizens United corporations. It's funny but poignant, and almost disturbing that we can do this today.

-- The Russian government has officially banned even just the videos of Pussy Riot's impromptu protest against Putin.

-- [Chuck] Idle No More is sweeping across North America, and for good reason. Take a look here.


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updates 1/29/13

Hello everyone.

Can you believe January is almost over? How strange it is that as you get older, time seems to slip away faster. 

-- A study has been released concerning the Occupy Wall Street protesters from New York, and it has found that the majority of those protesting were well-educated professionals. Many of them had at least one degree, but many were also under or unemployed. For more demographic info, follow the link.

-- People figured that after Occupy died down a little, the government would stop performing heavy surveillance on the American population. Too bad it seems to be getting worse. Twitter has reported that there is a continuous increase in the amount of requests for information on users.

-- [Chuck] Cool Revolution is a site where different news stories are posted together, and they have some interesting information up now. One of their articles talks about the Frontline story that ended up with a high-ranking banking official stepping down, but that the story missed connections to several others in government. Another story talks about the major protest outside the annual Alfalfa Club, where police and protesters clashed and a Senator got glitter-bombed.

-- [Chuck] Fracking is dangerous. We all know it. Even the companies that do it know it. Now we need to stop it. Here's a petition to the President demanding an immediate moratorium on fracking before more damage is done.


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Monday, January 28, 2013

Updates 1/28/13

Hello everyone.

I missed a post again, didn't I? I've pretty much had one of the worst weekends ever. At one point, I was just lying in the floor of my shower, crying. I believe that I caught the norovirus that is quickly spreading across the country. I'm still shaky and stuff, but I'm pretty sure the worst is over. I wish there was a vaccine for that... The flu, I can deal with if I have to. Norovirus? That was simply horrible. No wonder it kills people. I was lucky I could at least keep some water, and eventually chicken soup, down.

Sorry about the image there. :S

-- We already know that the FBI considers Occupiers to be terrorists, and that they weren't too interested in protecting the protesters from known attacks. But now, more information is coming out, potentially confirming that the FBI themselves were working with the corporations to spy on protesters and protect the companies.

-- [Chuck] What is better than oil, cheaper, and more efficient? What also is a renewable resource that won't run dry when the oil pumps do? If you said hemp, you are so right! Hemp is an amazing product that could have a huge impact on the world. Check out this short article about hemp fuels, and be sure to look up what else hemp can be used for.

-- [Chuck] It is now officially against the law to jailbreak/unlock your smartphone, and there are some damn stiff penalties that can come with it if you do. It's a ridiculous law, and it shows that even though you purchased that phone, you don't really own it, do you?

-- [Chuck] President Obama promised that he would work hard on climate change, but these people are calling him out on his "all of the above" energy policies. They say that you cannot protect the environment with one hand while the other welcomes environmentally disastrous companies. You can read and sign their open letter to the President here.

-- Four protesters in Chicago were arrested while demonstrating at a hospital. They are fighting to get a trauma center on their side of the city, as people have died as a result of traveling to reach one. While the children's hospital nearby has such a center, they only accept kids up to age 15. 

-- The Beitar Jerusalem soccer team is facing some backlash from fans after the owner of the team decided to hire two Muslim players. Fans unfurled anti-Islamic signs at a game, as well as a banner declaring that the team would be "pure forever." The team owner says he sees no difference in the players, whether they are Jewish or Muslim, and the two will be joining the team.

-- [Chuck] A young woman in high school decided to brighten everyone's day, and had to be rescued by classmates and teachers after the administration decided she would be suspended for it. Have a read of this heartwarming story.

-- Israeli forces have once again attacked a Palestinian protest camp, this time injuring many of the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. This comes just before Israeli forces moved in to destroy Palestinian homes to make way for construction on their newest settlement, with clashes over the area causing at least 9 injuries.


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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updates 1/26/13

Hello everyone.

I wasn't sure if I would be up for posting at all today, but I figured that you all deserve me giving it a shot. All the links are from Chuck. He has kept my inbox pretty busy these past few days. These links aren't even all of what he has sent, but some of them I will spread out for the next few days. 

I'm still a bit of a wreck. My wife has long since landed in Japan, but has yet to contact me at all to let me know she is okay. In all likelihood, the almost 20 hours of flights knocked her on her bottom, and she will be getting in touch with me as soon as she wakes up. It's just a bit scary and frustrating to not know if your loved one is okay. Not to mention that I look like I have two black eyes thanks to a combination of sleeplessness and crying. (I don't usually cry at all. It's extremely unusual. Even my wife was super-surprised by my extraordinarily emotional reaction to her leaving.) So I'm going to push through this stuff, and we'll keep moving along.

Once again, ALL links are from Chuck. I'm not going to put his name in front of them.

-- A group of top CEOs are looking to line their pockets a little more by looting social programs needed by millions. They are trying to convince the government and the people that cutting these programs will make them stronger and more adapted to our demographics. This author examines their plans, and the real solutions that would actually help.

-- Aaron Swartz took his own life, possibly as a direct result of the federal government's heavy prosecution tactics against him for minor crimes. But now, new evidence against the government has come to light, as we learn that Swartz never even faced prison time until the feds became involved.

-- Our country, and really the world, needs some help. Our leaders keep reforming everything, but nothing fixes our problems. Here's a suggestion from this author to reform something we haven't done yet: the trade agreements.

-- John Kerry is tapped as the next Secretary of State, replacing Clinton, but there are some things that need to be revealed about him. Kerry has had to go on record saying that if he is chosen as the next Secretary, he will remove his shares in companies that may cause a conflict of interest, including a bunch of them associated with the Keystone. 

-- Boston officially has its first Panera Cares cafe, an eatery meant to help those who cannot afford to eat with the support of those who can. It's a simple 'pay-it-forward' model. If you can afford to pay and help out a little extra, do so. If you can't, don't worry about it.

-- Occupy isn't just a revolution, says this author. It is, rather, a way of creating revolutionaries, and providing a brand new culture that people can become a part of. (Really interesting read.)

-- President Obama's inauguration speech may have been heart-warming and heart-felt, but was it accurate? Here, a member of Anonymous works to prove that it was, in his words, "A heaping pile of shit."


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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updates 1/24/13

Hello everyone.

I won't be posting tomorrow. I'm driving my wife to the airport, and I'm going to be an exhausted and miserable wreck of a human being when I get home. 

-- [Chuck] What happens when you stop people who support President Obama and ask them five random questions about him? WeAreChange wanted to find out.

-- [Chuck] The House of Representatives has recently passed the No Budget, No Pay bill, which now makes its way over to the Senate. The bill would make it so that if lawmakers did not pass all the necessary budgeting and spending bills to fund the government, they would not receive a paycheck. If you want to sign the petition for this, head over to the link, or call your Senator!

-- The four Occupiers from Little Rock who were arrested last May for refusing to leave their encampment will no longer be facing charges for those actions. The prosecution is apparently dropping the charges since all four stayed out of trouble since then, but the Occupiers believe that they simply couldn't prosecute them for exercising their Freedom of Speech and Assembly. 

-- The Sundance Film Festival is a name we all recognize, but this year they recognized us. Two of the sixteen films at this year's Festival were on the topic of economic disparity, and are up for prizes. One of the filmmakers said that he turned on the news and saw nothing about the protests, so he just picked up his camera.

-- [Chuck] Ever wonder why some Congressmen are pushing SO HARD to get the Keystone XL pipeline? Here's a great image to let you know.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Updates 1/23/13

Hello everyone.

Once again I am posting news sent in all by Chuck. See, I am trying to spend as much time with my wife as possible. She leaves on Friday morning for almost five months. She applied to become an international tutor and got the position. Please, send her safe travel wishes. (And send some good thoughts for me, too, because I may just lose my mind over all this.)

ALL the news is from Chuck, so I'm not going to write in his name. 

-- For the first time in the history of its being, the Sierra Club is about to engage in civil disobedience in an attempt to stop the tar sands pipeline that would likely devastate any ecosystem near it. 

-- The new documentary "We Steal Secrets" is all about Wikileaks. The first link is a discussion with the film's maker, and the second is a scrutiny of the film for the lack of coverage it gives to certain aspects of Assange's trial.

-- Why won't officials charge the bankers on Wall Street with any of their obvious crimes? Everyone knows what they did was against the law and fully chargeable, yet nothing happens. This article and video looks at why.

-- Millions of people in Africa have died as a direct result of Big Pharma and the USA's blockage of generic prescription AIDS medication due to a trade agreement. What kind of agreement willingly lets people die for profit? This one.

-- As war still goes on, and protests continue on the home front, more and more individuals in the US are becoming concerned with drones, and what they mean for us as citizens and as a country. This is a really interesting read about how far the government will go, how far people think it will try to go, and what these drones show.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Updates 1/22/13

Hello everyone.

I'm sure you can imagine how exhausting it can be to try to find the time every morning to write this news blog for you all. Even with Chuck's help (which I am extremely grateful for) it still sometimes feels tedious. But that's one of the reasons I am so happy to have Chuck helping me out. I can take a day off every now and then without actually taking a day off the news. I'm still writing the stories for the links he sends, but it's much easier to do that than it is to have to search them out.

...Not to mention how depressed some of the news can make me after a little while. People just suck sometimes. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I'll sometimes let Chuck's links take over the day. I really appreciate both his help and your understanding. 

Oh, and today is a Chuck day, but I'm sure you figured that out already. :)

-- [Chuck] Personally, I'm not too sure what I should think about this poster and President Obama supporter. They refer to him as the "King," but it seems like they mean less of a monarch sort and more of an Elvis-type thing. What do you guys think?

-- [Chuck] CounterCurrents has some great articles available today, with one of their articles talking about the President's surprise placement of climate change so high on his list for the second term. Check them out.

-- [Chuck] For his second inauguration, President Obama banned lobbyists from donating to the ceremony, but accepted unlimited donations from their corporations. For the President's first inauguration, there were limits placed on the amount that could be donated by them, but they were completely removed this time. 

-- [Chuck] The daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has spoken up about her support for One Billion Rising, and suggests that you should too. You can watch her video encouraging support and participation on the front page of their website.

-- [Chuck] Once again, let's end with a little humor to set the day off informed but laughing. From The Onion (a satirical news site,) we have a story about President Obama's second inauguration beginning with a little help from some drone friends.


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