Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Update 2/13/13 -- Calling it quits.

Hello everyone.

I've been working on the news for well over a year now, and I've really appreciated all the help and encouragement I have gotten from everyone. I started this blog to help people get the news they needed, all in one place, because no other site had that. 

With my declining health and escalating workload, I've been finding that my postings are becoming more and more erratic. I greatly dislike that this has happened. It makes me feel like I am letting my readers down by being unreliable, even though that is far from the actual case. 

So I have decided that I will no longer be posting on a strict schedule. I will only post when I find links or news that I believe will be of great interest to you, and when I am sent these by Chuck or other suppliers. I will also not be sending out the emails anymore. The only way to access the info I post will be directly from the blog at 

You should subscribe to the blog if you do not want to check it daily, but want to be alerted when I post something. I cannot thank my loyal readers enough for sticking by. If you need me, you can still reach me anytime at I know you all understand, and I feel honored to have been able to help so much. 

When things pick back up again, rest assured that I will as well. I won't just leave you all hanging. 



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