Friday, February 1, 2013

Updates 2/1/13

Hello everyone.

Happy February, everyone. 

-- Occupy Monsanto popped out to protest the annual shareholders meeting where the new board members were being elected. Activists said that they were protesting the company's practices in lack of research transparency and the continued use of GMOs. 

-- Another Occupy offshoot, called Intern Labor Rights, is heading to Fashion Week in NYC to protest the unpaid internships that many must face to get into the industry. Most of these interns are overworked and paid absolutely nothing, which the group says isn't right. At a for-profit company, they say, compensation should be paid.

-- [Chuck] People are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, three months later. The stories of people and their needs are still coming in. Here's a really interesting read about how people are coming together to recover collectively.

-- [Chuck] Is America still the Land of the Free? It's difficult to say. This article says that at least some of our freedoms are gone, and I have to agree with it. FDR once outlined the four essential freedoms, and this article describes how we've lost them.


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