Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updates 2/7/13

Hello everyone.

The medication for my back seems to be helping quite a bit. I am up and about, albeit carefully. I wish I knew why I kept getting inflamed for no reason. Maybe fibromyalgia can do that to you. I'm honestly not sure. I should probably do a little more research into the illnesses I have. 

-- A judge has ruled that the case against government officials by an Occupy DC member can go on, despite protests from the government claiming that the doctrine of qualified immunity made the case null. The judge disagreed, citing that they should have known they were violating someone's constitutional rights by destroying the property.

-- Students in Milwaukee took a stand on their college campus, demanding that their school stop ordering Palermo's Pizza, where workers have been on strike since June. The manager of the on-campus pizza stand told students that regardless of the protest and a written Faculty Senate resolution condemning the sales, they will continue to offer the choice of Palermo's Pizza.

-- In a great display of defiance, protesters took to the balcony of the Birmingham Council House with banners decrying the massive cuts lawmakers are planning for the area. Over 625 million pounds will be cut from the budget, which will disproportionately affect the poor and sickly. A march is planned for February 28th, the day that the votes for the cuts will go through.

-- Do you want to support Palestinians and Gaza? Here's a great way to get involved. If you are in or around Washington DC, you can join up with this 5k and fundraise for the people of Gaza. If you aren't in the area, you can donate through this site, support a runner, or even start your own fundraising webpage. 


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