Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updates 2/3/13

Hello everyone.

Apparently there is some sort of big game today... I wonder what the big deal is. (That's sarcasm.)

-- [Chuck] But let's talk about that "big game" shall we? It seems as though not everyone is thrilled to have the Super Bowl in their city. New Orleans citizens are unhappy with the police state and pat downs that accompany the turmoil, and they are even more angry that the Super Bowl decided to use roughly 8,000 "volunteers" instead of hiring area laborers who need the work. Check this video out for more information. This is something we likely won't be seeing on TV. 

-- Last year, in Minneapolis, police officers were accused of drugging members of the city's Occupy movement and homeless population, but the media swept it under the rug. Now the story is back in the form of a lawsuit, which says the police officers were using the people as part of a drug use spotting training exercise before they dumped them, still high, on the streets. 

-- Occupy Steubenville is back with a third rally in support of the young rape victim. The activists braved freezing temperatures in order to provide "community pride, and to end all bullying, violence, rape, and assault on people." The trial for the two teen athletes accused of raping the girl begins in early March.

-- While this isn't related to Occupy, it is related to human rights, and I felt that we should include it. Google Maps is officially annoying the country of North Korea, by allowing amateur cartographers to provide maps of the country. These maps include the typical hotels, schools, and hospitals, but also less common items, such as the military parade routes, a tower that celebrates their doctrine, and even some of the gulags are beginning to appear on the maps.


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