Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updates 2/12/13

Hello everyone.

I'm sure you've noticed a lack of news lately. You have my greatest apologies for that. I have been, and still am, in immense pain. It seems that the doctor thinks I may have punctured a disk in my spine. I have an MRI later this week. Wish me luck. I need it. 

-- [Chuck] We need the President to stay on topic and work hard on climate action. It isn't enough to just say you will work on it. You must actually do so. Go here to read and sign this open letter to the President, asking for bold climate action.

-- On the anniversary of the fall of Mubarak, Egyptians took to the streets in a mass protest. Many of the people do not like the successor of the dictator, and are demanding that this regime fall as well.

-- The entire world is unhappy with North Korea's underground nuclear test, but none so unhappy as South Koreans, it would seem. Protesters are rallying in Seoul against the North Korean government, calling for a strong punishment against it.


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