Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updates 2/20/13

Hello everyone.

Chuck has sent in a few links for us today.

-- This movie is titled "ReGeneration," and Chuck was quite insistent that I not only share this, but watch it myself. I know what I'll be doing this Saturday! The movie is about people coming into the adult world today, and facing the endless struggle of finding a place in a struggling planet.

-- When it comes to Climate Change, we know that most people (and scientists) believe it is happening. So how is it that Climate Change Deniers keep getting center stage? It turns out that they have a veritable ton of help, in the form of millions of dollars coming in from the conservative and secretive Donors Trust.

-- The nationwide strike in India is spreading across the country, with shops, schools, and government offices shutting down as people protest rising prices, expensive fuel, and the planned economic reforms the government will be implementing.


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