Monday, February 4, 2013

Updates 2/4/13

Hello everyone.

I have injured my back somehow... I'll be seeing the musculo-skeletal doctor tomorrow morning, so it's unlikely that I'll write tomorrow. Sorry.

-- [Chuck] Today would have been Rosa Park's 100th birthday, and this courageous woman deserves to be remembered well. Many people don't know that she was actually a lifelong activist, instead attributing her actions to one single day. But that's not the case. Check out this link to learn more about her "Rebellious Life."

-- [Chuck] What would be your reaction if you found out that fracking really was devastating your home and the areas around it? Here's a video of what happens when Yoko Ono and her fellow activists find out the truth about fracking effects in Pennsylvania.

-- [Chuck] A three day summit was held in Brooklyn over the weekend to discuss what else grassroots movements can do to help the people affected by Superstorm Sandy. The summit was open to the public and well-attended, with many looking for ways that they could lend a hand. Those who have been helping told stories of their activities and stories of what they have seen.

-- It would appear that the FBI isn't the only government agency with its eye on Occupy. The Canadian Mounties were also spying on the protesters in Ottawa, accumulating a dossier on the group. It has been 14 months since the surveillance occurred, but much of the details are just now coming to light.

-- Several members of Occupy Boston are not giving up their fight, even in the face of fines or possible jail time. They were arrested in 2011 for trespassing after their encampment expanded into a nearby area. Most of the people charges have paid small fines of 50 to 75 dollars, but others refuse to pay, stating that they did nothing wrong in expressing their freedoms. 

-- [Chuck] I must admit that I am a little emotional lately, for a wide array of reasons, but this video really touched me. I wish people would be more willing to help others.. to go out of their way to save someone or do one good deed. This is truly a heart-warming video.


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