Friday, February 8, 2013

Updates 2/8/13

Hello everyone. 

The news is short today.

-- [Chuck] A new Spanish Revolution is taking place in the streets of Barcelona, Madrid, and other cities across Spain. These people are fighting for their rights, and they aren't stopping anytime soon. Read more bout why they are calling themselves the "winters at Sol."

-- [Chuck] Three different US states are fighting to put climate change denial in their textbooks in order to promote what they call a "balanced view" of global warming. The states of Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona have the bills ready to go, thanks to the help of ALEC.

-- Around 150 people marched in San Francisco last night to once again protest police brutality against the citizens of the city. Two weeks ago, police apprehended a man who was allegedly assaulting someone on the sidewalk, and the event was caught on video. People at the protest say that the police used excessive force against the man, and shoved his face into a storm grating.


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