Saturday, February 9, 2013

Updates 2/9/13

Hello everyone.

I cannot believe I broke a tooth again. I'm going to need dentures soon.

-- The charges against over two dozen Boston Occupiers have been dropped, but at least five of the activists are fighting to have the charges reinstated. They want to fight the accusations on their own merits, pointing out that Freedom of Speech and Assembly come first. The Occupiers were in a public park when they were first arrested.

-- Israeli forces dismantled two different Palestinian protest camps, apparently growing more violent as they moved through. The first camp had no injuries or arrests. At the second camp, at least six people were arrested, including two credentialed journalists there to cover the activity. Two protesters had to be taken to the hospital. Israeli officials have declared the area to be a "closed military zone."

-- In Dublin, Irish unions are hitting the streets to show their disdain for austerity clauses in the country. ROughly 20,000 people were in attendance of the march, which declared that people wanted "Jobs, not Debt." 

-- While some people will jump for joy at getting free publicity, others are none too thrilled with the multi-million dollar comic industry cashing in on Occupy. They have new comics set to come out soon, one set up with the 1% trying to make the world better, and one with the 99% trying to regain the power. Personally, I'm on the not so thrilled side of things. Check out more info on the comics here.


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