Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updates 2/6/13

Hello everyone.

Thanks for bearing with me. I'm dealing with a lot of pain again, but the medicine seems to be working. I slept okay last night for the first time in a week. One of the worst things about getting sick or injured this often is that people tend to either stop believing you or stop caring. I can deal with the not caring part better than I can the not believing. I don't understand how hypochondriacs pull it off.

Let's get to the news. :)

-- Some interesting paperwork has been released by the Berkeley Police Department, showing the calls and movements of their Tactical Unit back in November of 2011. You can see where they went, what the orders were, and in some cases, who gave them. Accountability may be finally showing up, folks.

-- [Chuck] America's largest debt problem isn't education, credit cards, or even war. It's the exact problem I'll be dealing with when I graduate: student loans. How fast are student loans growing, and how big of a problem is this? Check this out for more information.

-- One of the leaders of the Occupy Our Homes Atlanta movement was knocked down during a protest while houses were being auctioned off. He wasn't injured, and the man who knocked into him claimed that he simply fell over a sign and tripped into the protester. No charges were filed.

-- A man was trampled and injured in Greece as farmers handed out over 50 tons of free fruits and vegetables to desperate citizens. The images of the event were plastered all over the media, with a large outcry pouring forth concerning the state of growing despair faced by many in the country. 


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