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Updates 3/10/12

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the delay. Putting a cone on a little dog who doesn't want to wear it is surprisingly difficult. I didn't realize that dogs turn slippery in escape.

On to the news.

-- If you know any high school juniors or seniors who are interested in scholarships, check this out. The National Bar Association is accepting applications for the 2012 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Justice Advocacy Competition. The topic this year is how Dr. King would address the Occupiers or the opponents of the movement. The essay deadline is March 31. For info on this, how to apply, and a more clear description of the topic and rules, go here.

-- OWS is running into financial difficulty, according to a finance report released last week. The movement's donations have dwindled to about $1600 a week. At this rate, Occupiers in New York City could be out of money in as little as three weeks. Several members have cautioned that the numbers don't show the whole story, and that protests and rallies would continue, despite a lack of funding.

-- Former State Representative Ed Fallon was found not guilty of trespassing in a midemeanor trial in Des Moines yesterday. His trial was one of the 15 slowly making their way through the court system, but Occupiers are elated at the jury's findings. They have released a statement calling for the immediate drop of all charges against the remaining 14 Occupiers up for trial. The jurors found that "under these circumstances, he was acting reasonably and exercising his constitutional rights." The prosecutors say they plan to review the laws again, but will not be dropping charges against the remaining 14.

-- The last remaining Occupier on the plaza in Nashville is still standing, despite the new law on the books banning camping. Christopher Humphrey volunteered to remain at the plaza while the others left, to test the law. "I believe in going hard or going home, and I ain't got a home," he is quoted as saying. To challenge the law, an arrest or citation is needed for the court. Humphrey waited for police all day yesterday, but they never arrived.

-- Occupy Boise had to deal with some unwelcome visitors yesterday when two anti-Occupiers drove their cars into the encampment and left them there. The two said they are "disgusted" with Occupy, and the cost it hands to taxpayers, and that they believe their cars are more "speech" than the tents. One of the anti-protesters brought their own sign against the movement. Police had the cars towed soon after their arrival, at the cost of the drivers. Police said that while Occupy Boise may be a protest, there are clear rules about where you can park your car, and on the grass of the park is not one of those places.

-- Here is an article that discusses the ramifications of the new "Anti-Occupy" law signed by President Obama on Thursday. It makes some valid and intriguing points about "off-limit" areas and Homeland Security.


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