Thursday, March 29, 2012

Updates 3/29/12

Hello everyone.

I have a bit of my own exciting news for everyone. This news blog has been picked up by The Occupied Wall Street Journal! Yay us! :) It will be appearing in their weekly news round-up.

As for real news, we have plenty of courtroom drama going on!

-- Occupy Rochester has lost their case against the city. Yesterday, the judge presiding over the case ruled that the city has no obligation to renew their contract with Occupiers, which will now allow the city to order them out of the park. The Mayor, Thomas Richards, told the media he expects Occupiers to be out by Friday. The group will be holding a General Assembly today after meeting with the city, in order to discuss future options. One such option could be to file an appeal.

-- Occupy Columbia is facing off with legislature again as South Carolina lawmakers are quickly pushing a bill through the House. The bill passed with an 85-22 vote yesterday, and if signed, would make it illegal to camp or sleep in or around the state capitol. The lawmakers will vote again today to rush it to the Governor's office, after she asked them to quickly get it to her.

-- A federal judge is hearing both sides of arguments when it comes to Occupy New Haven. Occupiers are arguing that the Green they stay on is privately owned, and that the city has no right to force their eviction. The city claims that Occupiers do not recognize that the Green is public land, maintained by the city. The judge has said a ruling will be issued on April 9.

-- An offshoot of OWS in New York called the "Rank and File Initiative" is taking credit for free subway rides. The group had dozens of people head into the train stations and lock open service gates, adding signs proclaiming that there was no fare to ride on that day. The group credits unnamed union members for helping them complete the task, although the leaders of the union were not notified. The group has many reasons for their actions, including the poor treatment of subway employees, racial profiling of riders by police, the funneling of money into Wall Street instead of the transportation systems, and the reduced services that come with rising costs.

Here's two links that aren't directly related to the Occupy Movement, but are important to know.

-- The Asian Human Rights Commission has released some appeals concerning human rights issues in South Korea. Two people who participated in, or started, demonstrations have had their rights suppressed by the government, and the Commission is asking for support to help. You can read their stories and send them support here:

-- While Occupy fights the insane foreclosure movements sweeping America, many citizens are losing the fight and taking it out on... Themselves. This article details a large amount of suicides and suicide attempts that have stemmed from foreclosures and evictions. It's really sad.


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