Friday, March 16, 2012

Updates 3/16/12

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone is well. I have a job interview today over the phone. Wish me luck, please!

On to the news.

-- Four Occupy Denver protesters and a homeless man were arrested on charges of robbery last night. No details have been released concerning what might have happened. All of those arrested are expected to be in court this morning. The protesters were arrested at the park, and police refused to answer any questions concerning the events.

-- Occupiers in Rochester called police to their encampment last night as several people arrived and began to harass them. The anti-protesters played loud music and screamed at the Occupiers about how homelessness causes destruction. Police were called by both groups, and remained at the park for several hours due to concerns of protester safety.

-- The California judge in charge of the UC Davis police report case has tentatively denied a request from the police union to block the report from being made public. The judge expressed skepticism at the union's claims of protected material. A full hearing concerning the release is set for Friday.

-- Over a dozen people were arrested last night at the Occupy the Midwest gathering in St. Louis. City Officials claim a small group of individuals refused to leave the plaza after curfew, baiting police to arrest them while showing disrespect to the city. A police vehicle was damaged, but police have not released details concerning how. Several more gatherings are planned for this week.

-- Protesters who are a part of Occupy Monsanto will be dressed a little differently for their demonstration today. Occupiers are gathering to protest the genetic engineering giant, and they will be wearing Bio-Hazmat suits while they do. You can read more about their actions and why they are protesting here:

-- Students in California are upset at the treatment they received by police, and also at the state law requiring medical centers to report all violent injuries to police. One student was injured BY police during a rally, but upon receiving treatment, was told the medical center legally had to tell the police. The student was shocked. Read more about this law and its effects here:


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