Monday, March 19, 2012

Updates 3/19/12

Hello everyone.

I've got some interesting news today, and the articles that I have found will say it much better (or worse, depending on the article) than I can. I'm going to go ahead and do a link day, offering you descriptions of the article before the link.

Here goes:

-- This article discusses the raid on Occupy Wall Street this past weekend, and how a twitter post is considered a threat to be dealt with. The man who claims he wrote it isn't even in the same state, but will that stop the police?

-- This post also concerns the events of OWS this weekend, but talks about one specific person, Cecily McMillan. Police have released video claiming she elbowed her arresting officer in the face. There are two videos included in this article. I've watched them both, and still don't really see what on earth they're talking about.

-- The author of this next article is mad, and I don't really see why. He claims that the Associated Press has assigned 7 journalists to work on the OWS movement, but that they have only been looking for positive acclaim for the movement instead of accurately reporting. He inserts a table into his article from two anti-Occupy websites, which actually has no statistical data behind it (at least none that I can find. It's just a chart with no background info.)

-- Here's an account of a piece of the movement that's more quiet in the news. Honolulu has been Occupying for over 130 days now, and an armed raid recently swung by to get them, regardless of the fact that they weren't actually breaking the law police said they were.

-- Iris scans or high bail? Which would you choose? Occupiers and their attorneys are finding that the iris scans are becoming "mandatory," even though they shouldn't be. There are several accounts of refusal to undergo iris scans directly leading to higher bail, which is not supposed to be a factor in setting it.


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