Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updates 3/1/12

Hello everyone.

Saturday is my birthday. *throws confetti* Meh, not really. I don't care. :)

Today is a link day.


-- New York police apparently went a little off the rocker yesterday night, arresting random people in Zucotti Park. There are videos included with the article.

-- Multitudes of Colleges in the U.S. are joining the movement walkout:

-- "Arrested for Meditating? Why it's radical to stay non-violent in the face of police brutality." Interesting read.'s_radical_to_stay_nonviolent_in_the_face_of_police_brutality

-- Occupy Portland's F29 event and march leads to some trouble and arrests:

-- Occupy DC sidles back into protesting against a giant corporation, gaining some arrests themselves.

-- The Los Angeles City Council approves a (weaker) version of an Occupy LA-demanded law:,0,7968901.story

-- Occupy New Haven had its hands full with Pfizer, police, and arrests.

-- Is Homeland Security watching Occupy? This conservative group website seems to believe so.


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