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Updates 3/31/12

Hello everyone.

It's quite difficult to type with a cat on your lap, but I can't make her move. I took her to the vet yesterday and she got her shots, so she doesn't feel well. All she wants to do is curl up on my lap, and I just can't tell her no. Poor baby.

On to the news.

-- Two encampments were cleared out in Kansas City by police yesterday. One was the seven month long Occupy Kansas City site, and the other was a homeless camp. Occupiers were told on Tuesday to leave or they would be forcibly removed, and roughly a half dozen remained on Friday. No arrests were made as the demonstrators packed up their belongings and left. Both groups were offered connections to social services, should they need them.

-- Occupy Maine let officials know the movement hasn't gone away last night, as they held a raucous event outside of the Portland Museum of Art. President Obama was holding a fundraising event at the museum, with prices set at $5000 or more to dine with him. Occupiers passed out free soup to those in attendance of the demonstration, while calling attention to corporate greed, economic inequality, and the influence of money in politics.

-- Occupy Atlanta is working to save a 62 year old woman's home from foreclosure. The woman, Christine Frazer, has lived in the home for 18 years, and shares it with her 85 year old mother, 25 year old daughter, and 2 year old grandchild. Frazer owned two successful businesses with her husband before he passed away in 2002. A series of unfortunate financial difficulties left her unable to pay her mortgage, which is almost $150,000. The home was last appraised at roughly $45,000. Her bank refuses to offer any loan modifications. Demonstrators are occupying her lawn in the hopes that the loan company will offer a renegotiation.

-- A man was found dead in his tent at the Occupy Tallahassee encampment on Thursday, and police do not believe foul play was involved. The man, who will remain confidential until his family is notified, was believed to be insulin-dependent, and did not socialize much with other Occupiers. The man had recently been ill, and it is believed that this may have contributed to his passing.

-- A judge has ruled against the parade permit for Occupy Chicago, concerning the NATO protest. The judge echoed the sentiments of the mayor and Transportation Department in saying that there are too many concerns with an excessive amount of people. The judge has already denied an appeal by Occupiers.


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