Friday, March 2, 2012

Updates 3/2/12

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Big storms sweeping through our area again today.


-- Yesterday morning, Conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart died of "natural causes." He was most recently famous for his outburst at Occupiers at CPAC, calling them all rapists, while purportedly ignoring similar allegations among his own staff. Now, many conservatives are coming out saying that Breitbart was planning to release video that would have supposedly ruined President Obama, and because of that, they believe President Obama had him killed. The videos in question allegedly show President Obama engaged with a gay lover, as well as showing his supposed cocaine use. At the time of his death, Breitbart was walking near his home, when he collapsed. A witness saw him fall, and called 911. Much speculation surrounds his death, but in all likelyhood, Andrew Brietbart may have suffered a heart attack.

-- College campuses across the country had rallies against cuts to education and rising tuition costs yesterday. Most of the protests took place in California, with some arrests even being recorded. The craziest event happened in Santa Cruz, where a car attempted to drive through the crowd, knocking down protesters and slightly injuring a few. The driver of the car was released, pending an investigation. Soon afterwards, a fight broke out when a man approached the protesters. The man is well-known for rambling at City Council meetings, and he left as police arrived.

-- Occupy Tuscon had 21 arrests just one day after Occupiers were told to leave the park. Officials cited increased police calls and disturbances to the area, which Occupiers say they did to keep drug dealers out of the park. The arrests were mostly for obstructing a city sidewalk, but one man had the added charge of resisting arrest.

-- The probe into the UC Davis pepper spraying event has finally finished the investigation. The findings will be released on Tuesday at a campus meeting. The meeting's location and time have not yet been released, but the school says they will be soon. This is one of several investigations into the event.

-- Here is an interesting visual demonstration of police crowd control tactics in Oakland.


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