Saturday, March 17, 2012

Updates 3/17/12

Hello everyone.

Today will be a link day. There are plenty of intriguing articles running around out there, so I found some that might make you think.


-- The judge that ruled against the SEC and its dealings with the knowingly fraudulent activities of Citigroup may be getting in trouble after a court of appeals disagreed with him.

-- An Occupier in Oakland who was hit by a car during a protest is filing a lawsuit, in part because 4 months later, the driver has still not been charged.

-- A doctoral student is arrested at a public hearing concerning a ban of giving food to the homeless, after she and many others were refused entry.

-- Tom Morello gets his PA cut by police at Occupy SXSW, and teaches those in attendance the lyrics anyway.

-- Occupy Honolulu continues to be raided by police almost regularly. The law allowing this is directly in violation of the Law of the Splintered Paddle, from Hawaii's Constitution.

-- The Parnership for Civil Justice Fund calls the new anti-protest law "blatantly unconstitutional." They have plenty more to say about it.

-- The Associated Press looks back on 6 months of Occupy and asks, "What has Occupy done so far?"


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