Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updates 3/27/12

Hello everyone.

I lost my battle with financial aid. They told me they "couldn't imagine anyone telling me" that I would actually be receiving my funding. So basically they called me a liar and refused to help me. Don't you just love how helpful everyone is when you can't afford to fight them? I did leave a letter with the Chancellor's office, detailing many of the problems found with the department. I'd be willing to bet they laugh at it.

On to the news.

-- An Occupier in San Francisco, Brian "Boston" Reid, was stabbed last night in an altercation with an aggressive man who claimed he was the group's leader. The man had joined the "re-Occupation" group about a week ago, and was aggressive with Occupiers and outsiders alike. He had recently been claiming to be one of the "Occupy leaders." A dispute over a missing camera led to the argument, and the man stabbed Reid, giving him life-threatening wounds before immediately running away. The latest report indicates that Reid will be okay, and police are searching for the man who stabbed him. He is described as thin, roughly 5'5", with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is suspected to be in his early twenties and was last seen wearing a dark puffy jacket and black framed glasses.

-- Mitt Romney's fundraising event in Redwood City was not as quiet as he had hoped yesterday, as Occupiers from multiple cities lines the streets for hours. The protesters chanted loudly, and many of them dressed up as the rich and staged a mock counter protest against the other Occupiers. Cars were forced to enter and exit from other locations as the demonstrators marched back and forth in front of the hotel. Santorum is set to arrive in the area Thursday as well, with his fundraiser being held at a private residence.

-- Occupy London is joining forces with several environmental and public groups to fight against a controversial bargain between the Waltham Forest Council and the Olympic Delivery Authority. The Leyton Marshes are set to have an Olympics training center built on them, preventing the public from using the green area until after the summer. Several petitions had circulated to stop the Council from going through with it, but they did anyway. Now Occupiers have set up camp on the site, preventing building from occurring. Many of the townspeople and other demonstrators visit daily in support.

-- Idaho lawmakers are fighting with Occupiers again, this time passing a bill that makes rule-breaking into legal infractions at the Capitol Mall where the Occupy Encampment is located. Several people spoke out against the new bill, including the former grounds manager for the Capitol Mall. While the minority Democrats voted no, the Republicans were able to pass it. Occupiers were escorted out of the proceedings after they interrupted, asking those in attendance to join them later for the eviction of the corrupt members of legislature.

-- The National Lawyers Guild, along with several other groups, is releasing documents that they say show that the Department of Homeland Security had a strong hand in the coordinated crackdown on Occupy groups nationwide. While many of the pages are redacted, there is still plenty of info available. You can check it out here:



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