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Updates 3/12/12

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Let's get to the news. Most of these blurbs will have links accompanying them today. The articles are good reads, and I want to give you the chance to look them over as well. Enjoy.

-- A new art exhibit in California is drawing attention from all angles. The exhibit, titled "I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of the Law," showcases the fine line between self-expression and law-breaking for artists. Occupiers are heavily favored in the exhibit. Art critics either love it or hate it, while many who have visited say they get a rush of emotion and adrenaline from the artwork involved. You can see some of the pieces and read a critic's review here:

-- Dr. Margaret Flowers is a member of Occupy DC. She performed an interview with Press TV on how she, and many other Occupiers, believe that President Obama is continuing to "support restrictions on our civil liberties," in response to the new law that could criminalize Occupy protesting. She points out that it seems the government is attempting to "suppress" the voices of those in opposition. You can watch the interview here:

-- It seems protesters in New York have something else to watch out for. Police have been singling out and arresting people; questioning them about their possible involvement with terrorist branches, especially if they assume the protester may be associated with the Muslim faith. This article calls it the "potential violation of the worst offense of all; protesting while Muslim."

-- Occupy DePaul is having difficulty getting their administration to hear them. Students are upset that no one from the university administration attended a public forum held to discuss the growing fees and tuition costs. Students shared personal stories of financial concerns, including one woman who had surgery on her foot. She said her last thought before going under was the concern that she may not be able to work and return to school, or that she may die and burden her family with her growing debt. You can read more about the students' concerns and efforts here:

-- Police in Tennessee cleared the last remaining man and tent from the Nashville plaza early this morning, leading the man away from the plaza while telling him he was not going to be arrested. The man said he is not finished protesting the law, which could be used to criminalize the homeless. To read more about Mr. Humphrey, and what other protesters are planning, follow this link:


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