Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updates 3/7/12

Hello everyone.

I find myself giggling a bit at the news today. Apparently the number of people arrested at the California Capitol building has either gone up to 72, or down to 68, and no one can make up their minds.

Wait... now I see 74 as well. No one knows what is going on anymore. Ha.

To the news:

-- One of the people arrested at the California educational protests has been arrested again. A 21 year old woman was transported to the County Jail after she threw flower petals off the second floor balcony and began to chant and dance. Officers say they did not release her because the first arrest "didn't work," so she was likely to come back again.

-- A mix-up in the system has 9 Occupiers scrambling to fight arrest warrants. The 9 were supposed to be in court on Tuesday, but had filed for their hearing to be postponed. When they called the courthouse, they were told that they did not need to appear, and that their hearings were being postponed. Apparently, that was wrong. After not one of the 9, or their attorneys, showed up on Tuesday, the judge in charge filed arrest warrants for each of them. The courthouse says that no one should have told the Occupiers not to come.

-- Occupiers from Houston and the surrounding area took on CERA Tuesday, demanding the oil executives pay their fair share of taxes and stop utilizing bad business practices. Police cordoned off the area, but some protesters sneaked through the crowd to gain access to the Hilton, where the conference is occurring. No arrests were reported, despite the large amount of protesters.

-- The report on the UC Davis pepper-spraying incident has once again been delayed, this time by a Superior Court Judge who has temporarily blocked it's release. The judge says state law forbids the public disclosure of names and personal information. While the names of the two officers involved are widely known by this point, their personal information and other officer names have not been made public. The issue will return to court on the 17th, when the judge will decide whether or not to make the injunction permanent.

Here is an interesting article by Gene Policinski, from the First Amendment Center, giving caution against using certain tactics with Occupiers:


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