Sunday, March 18, 2012

Updates 3/18/12

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Back to school tomorrow for us here.

On to the news.

-- Occupy Wall Street made a huge Spring comeback move in re-Occupying Zucotti Park last night. Hundreds of people filled the park, defying police orders to leave. Police announced the park was closed around 11:30 p.m., but Occupiers linked arms and refused to leave, many dropping to the ground. Police carried dozens of protesters out of the park, clearing it by midnight.

(This is a bit shady to me. I looked for mention of this in the news, and found only that "a woman was having difficulty breathing, and was taken away in an ambulance. Of course she was. I watched on livestream as she was beat by police, then seemed to have a major seizure. The ambulance arrived to take her away, and she was hyperventilating due to the several broken ribs she sustained while officers beat her. There is no mention of her abuse on any of the Corporate Media sites.)

-- Monsanto, the giant corporation that produces genetically modified shut down its California offices yesterday as protesters took to the streets surrounding the buildings. Monsanto officials called off the work day in preparation for the protesters, who were both Occupiers and other activists working together. They, as well as many others, are angered by the company's lack of responsibility, the Corporate Media's lack of coverage, and the lack of choice in America, where some 90% of fruits and vegetables are genetically modified. Beekeepers seem to be some of the most affected, with their bees dying in unison with crop planting, as insecticides from Monsanto seeds fill the air.

-- Occupiers joined forces with union members in Atlanta yesterday to rally against the union suppression bill making its way through legislature in the state. The bill would put huge restrictions on picketing and union membership, exempting only teachers and police. The protesters say the bill is meant to destroy union rights, and is an attack on democracy. The group had speeches before marching around the Capitol building several times, followed by more speeches and chants.

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