Thursday, March 8, 2012

Updates 3/8/12

Hello everyone.

The news is quite early this morning, as my dog has a vet visit at 7. I wanted to make sure I got the news to you before I had to run. :)

So, here's the news.

-- Occupy Dame Street in Ireland was evicted last night by gardai, the Irish police. Occupiers were given no warning before gardai tore into the camp, holding protesters back as they dismantled and tossed tents and structures. Some were awakened by the commotion around 3:30 a.m. to find over 100 police in the area, tearing up tents. Protesters questioned the legality of the move, but were only shown documents from the 2002 Housing Act. Records of the meetings were confiscated, as well as contact information for those who show support for the movement. One person was arrested. The Occupiers say they will be back tonight to protest.

-- The City of Oakland is suing a protester for damages done to a door and window during a protest back in November. The suit alleges that a police officer saw the protester swing a metal chair into the windows, breaking them, before he used his body as a battering ram in an unsuccessful attempt to get inside the Oakland Police owned structure. The city attorney says that the city is not wealthy, and taxpayers should not be responsible to fix the damage caused by the man. One of the attorney's for Occupy Oakland stated that the lawsuit in itself will cost the taxpayers much more than the actual repair costs. The City said they will continue to review footage and file charges they see necessary.

I'm going to move on to a few links now, as it's just started storming here, and I don't want the power to go out before I can publish this...

-- Occupiers in Athens, GA, were evicted on Wednesday, but will continue to ask for public hearings.

-- Naomi Wolf helps to expose the double standard of our justice system in this piece.

-- A woman protesting an illegal foreclosure on her own home is deported, with no money or belongings, forced to leave her legal husband and two young children here.


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