Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updates 1/24/13

Hello everyone.

I won't be posting tomorrow. I'm driving my wife to the airport, and I'm going to be an exhausted and miserable wreck of a human being when I get home. 

-- [Chuck] What happens when you stop people who support President Obama and ask them five random questions about him? WeAreChange wanted to find out.

-- [Chuck] The House of Representatives has recently passed the No Budget, No Pay bill, which now makes its way over to the Senate. The bill would make it so that if lawmakers did not pass all the necessary budgeting and spending bills to fund the government, they would not receive a paycheck. If you want to sign the petition for this, head over to the link, or call your Senator!

-- The four Occupiers from Little Rock who were arrested last May for refusing to leave their encampment will no longer be facing charges for those actions. The prosecution is apparently dropping the charges since all four stayed out of trouble since then, but the Occupiers believe that they simply couldn't prosecute them for exercising their Freedom of Speech and Assembly. 

-- The Sundance Film Festival is a name we all recognize, but this year they recognized us. Two of the sixteen films at this year's Festival were on the topic of economic disparity, and are up for prizes. One of the filmmakers said that he turned on the news and saw nothing about the protests, so he just picked up his camera.

-- [Chuck] Ever wonder why some Congressmen are pushing SO HARD to get the Keystone XL pipeline? Here's a great image to let you know.


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