Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updates 1/29/13

Hello everyone.

Can you believe January is almost over? How strange it is that as you get older, time seems to slip away faster. 

-- A study has been released concerning the Occupy Wall Street protesters from New York, and it has found that the majority of those protesting were well-educated professionals. Many of them had at least one degree, but many were also under or unemployed. For more demographic info, follow the link.

-- People figured that after Occupy died down a little, the government would stop performing heavy surveillance on the American population. Too bad it seems to be getting worse. Twitter has reported that there is a continuous increase in the amount of requests for information on users.

-- [Chuck] Cool Revolution is a site where different news stories are posted together, and they have some interesting information up now. One of their articles talks about the Frontline story that ended up with a high-ranking banking official stepping down, but that the story missed connections to several others in government. Another story talks about the major protest outside the annual Alfalfa Club, where police and protesters clashed and a Senator got glitter-bombed.

-- [Chuck] Fracking is dangerous. We all know it. Even the companies that do it know it. Now we need to stop it. Here's a petition to the President demanding an immediate moratorium on fracking before more damage is done.


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