Monday, January 28, 2013

Updates 1/28/13

Hello everyone.

I missed a post again, didn't I? I've pretty much had one of the worst weekends ever. At one point, I was just lying in the floor of my shower, crying. I believe that I caught the norovirus that is quickly spreading across the country. I'm still shaky and stuff, but I'm pretty sure the worst is over. I wish there was a vaccine for that... The flu, I can deal with if I have to. Norovirus? That was simply horrible. No wonder it kills people. I was lucky I could at least keep some water, and eventually chicken soup, down.

Sorry about the image there. :S

-- We already know that the FBI considers Occupiers to be terrorists, and that they weren't too interested in protecting the protesters from known attacks. But now, more information is coming out, potentially confirming that the FBI themselves were working with the corporations to spy on protesters and protect the companies.

-- [Chuck] What is better than oil, cheaper, and more efficient? What also is a renewable resource that won't run dry when the oil pumps do? If you said hemp, you are so right! Hemp is an amazing product that could have a huge impact on the world. Check out this short article about hemp fuels, and be sure to look up what else hemp can be used for.

-- [Chuck] It is now officially against the law to jailbreak/unlock your smartphone, and there are some damn stiff penalties that can come with it if you do. It's a ridiculous law, and it shows that even though you purchased that phone, you don't really own it, do you?

-- [Chuck] President Obama promised that he would work hard on climate change, but these people are calling him out on his "all of the above" energy policies. They say that you cannot protect the environment with one hand while the other welcomes environmentally disastrous companies. You can read and sign their open letter to the President here.

-- Four protesters in Chicago were arrested while demonstrating at a hospital. They are fighting to get a trauma center on their side of the city, as people have died as a result of traveling to reach one. While the children's hospital nearby has such a center, they only accept kids up to age 15. 

-- The Beitar Jerusalem soccer team is facing some backlash from fans after the owner of the team decided to hire two Muslim players. Fans unfurled anti-Islamic signs at a game, as well as a banner declaring that the team would be "pure forever." The team owner says he sees no difference in the players, whether they are Jewish or Muslim, and the two will be joining the team.

-- [Chuck] A young woman in high school decided to brighten everyone's day, and had to be rescued by classmates and teachers after the administration decided she would be suspended for it. Have a read of this heartwarming story.

-- Israeli forces have once again attacked a Palestinian protest camp, this time injuring many of the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. This comes just before Israeli forces moved in to destroy Palestinian homes to make way for construction on their newest settlement, with clashes over the area causing at least 9 injuries.


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