Friday, December 9, 2011

Bear with me.

I have a paper due today, and a final, and I had a friend emergency last night. I am running on almost no sleep. Please forgive the lack of updates. I may attempt them later today. Semester is almost over...


  1. Keep up with your school work. Your updates are the best that I have found yet. Obviously we will wait for the best. Thank You

  2. Thank you, Bill, and everyone else for your extraordinarily kind words of encouragement. It's inspiring to see how many people are helpful and understanding. I really do appreciate your patience with me.

  3. I had a request from a reader who is having difficulty with the site to post this comment for her:

    "Your studies are most important, please keep them first.
    TV no longer reports real unbiased only regurgitates political gamesmanship and "celebrity" gossip ---with the exception of C-Span's coverage, documentaries, and Washington Journals' daily 7-10am comments from citizens.
    CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS cannot hold a candle to your Occupy Updates. I have an icon on my desktop of this site, so I can learn the Real News....your reporting. MSNBC needs to update and improve their coverage by dropping their Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton repetitive dribble, and giving YOU a show beside Rachael Maddow and Dylan Ratigan. You give REAL Occupy News. Thank you, Thank You and Thank You.........Now, finish your final projects, study for your exams and Do Your Very Best. I am a big fan of yours! ~~JustMeToo, Middle-Aged, Middle-Income and Ready to go Mid-Evil on The 1% Who Are Ruining My Country and Your Future!!! PA Gramma Here! Love You!!!"

    :) I really appreciate it. My studies are not exactly easy, but I do my best to keep my GPA above 3.6. I study Linguistics and Forensics, hoping to use them in Criminal Behavior Analysis against serial murderers.