Saturday, December 17, 2011

Updates 12/17/11

Good afternoon everyone,

I slept in a bit, and my head isn't nearly as bad today. Yay!

I got a great email this morning from Tom up in Minnesota. It's a little long, but definitely worth a read.
Here it is:
"Hello: This blog is a much needed service. Thank you, and good luck with your exams.

I live in a small town in rural Minnesota. For my first Occupy, I decided to Occupy Franchise Agreement.

One of America's best kept secrets lies with the city franchise agreement with cable/telco cartel. Title 47 Ch 5 SubCh V-A Part II Section 531 Cable Channels For Public, Educational, or Governmental Use.

PEG stands for Public, Education, Government local access television station. In return for running cable to customers, city receives franchise fees, which must include PEG equipment, facilities and assistance in creating television shows to be broadcast over cable channels.

Cable/telco cartel dictates franchise terms. Communities like mine want franchise fees, but are unwilling to fight for a studio for Public to create content for the Public aspect of PEG channel legislation.

I won the battle, and the cable cartel in central Minnesota waived their franchise agreement to permit access by residents to make use of a studio far away. Hey, it's a beginning, right?

Occupy My World (my local Occupy movement) now has initiated an outreach campaign to reach those who can watch local access tv channel, but don't know how to use the Internet. Nice, eh?

An important aspect of this effort, is the need to move all content to repository. This protects all works under a Public Domain license, and at the same time, is mirrored by the Great Library of Alexandria, available to the world for generations to come. One URL that won't change, regardless of what corporate America tries to do.

Anyone interested in discussing strategy to open up their local access tv channel to Occupy movement, feel free to email me."
What a great idea! If you want to speak with Tom, email me and I will get you in touch with him. 

So, here's your news for today:

-- Bradley Manning was finally in court yesterday, and many Occupy supporters traveled long distances to rally for him. Yesterday marked the beginning of his likely 8 day trial. If Manning is convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

-- Occupy Olympia was evicted twice yesterday, once from their encampment, and once from a nearby building.

-- Occupy Louisville is essentially being evicted on January 1st. While the city has agreed to grant them a permit, they will only do so with the added stipulation of "no tents allowed." For Louisville, this is difficult, since they have a working kitchen tent, security tent, and media tent. The Homeless Coalition in town is unhappy with the new addition as well, as the Occupiers have been happily helping the homeless population from Day 1.

-- UC Riverside has released the results of a California Occupy study. They found that there are over 150 Occupy camps in CA, and that they are equally distributed throughout the whole state. Next up in the study will be examining the voting patterns of cities that have Occupiers.

-- Occupy Oakland had 3 arrests after a standoff with police yesterday afternoon. Protesters brought in "overnight lodging items," which are prohibited from the park. After the standoff, police removed the items and arrested the 3, on charges of refusing to show ID, and obstructing police.

-- Also in Oakland, it seems the Mayor can't take the heat. Mayor Quan is disabling her public Facebook page, saying that it is too much for her and her staff to handle, with all the negative comments and personal attacks.

I know this was short, but that's all I have for today. I tend to get a little irritable when Bradley Manning is brought up... It affects my concentration and mood. *sigh* Our government sucks.


If you have questions, comments, corrections, or other information (or to get a hold of Tom), please contact me at Thanks.

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