Friday, December 16, 2011

Updates 12/16/11

Good morning everyone.

This morning I woke up feeling a little better. I'm still mostly stuffed up, but now I have the added bonus of sneezing every two or three minutes. It's kind of funny if you really think about it. I made some homemade food for my cat today, and she sat there watching, running every time I sneezed. :)

Here's the news for today:

-- My apologies to Jon for not getting this up yesterday. Here is an article about Occupy Norfolk being denied access to their senator's office, after a representative initially agreed to meet them.

-- Occupy Nashville has had their power cut off by the Fire Marshal. The Marshal claims that the single outlet was so overloaded that it melted. Protesters offered to hire an electrician to fix the outlet, but the city padlocked it instead. Occupiers are calling for donations of car and marine batteries, and are bringing in generators.

-- The HuffPost is reporting that Occupy Wall Street is working on "Occupation 2.0" for the three month anniversary of the movement. They are planning on occupying a piece of land owned by the Trinity Church this Saturday. To read the article and watch the video, click here:

-- Occupy Eugene had a visitor yesterday, when Santa showed up to give "gifts" to the protesters. In an apparent prank by a local radio show, Santa was filmed handing out soap, job applications, and flea shampoo to the Occupiers, asking them to get a job and take showers. The radio show claims it was meant to be lighthearted humor, but several occupiers were not amused, replying that they did indeed have employment or served in the military. You can watch the video here:

-- Police raided the Occupy Allentown (PA) encampment early this morning, slicing through tents and tarps with knives. (Very reminiscent of what happened to us here at Occupy Carbondale in our first week.) Around 2:30 a.m., police told them to remove their items, and then moved in around 3 a.m. to remove things themselves. Occupiers were told they would be able to collect personal belongings at a later date, but most things were thrown into a dump truck.

-- Occupy UC Berkeley, among others, visited a forum that had Mayor Jean Quan as a speaker yesterday. Every time she would speak, Occupiers would comment on her speech, interrupt her and call for a recall. George Lakoff, Professor of Cognitive Linguistics at UC Berkeley was present, and he commented that she was heckled, but that it was not that bad. (Excuse me for a moment... OMG DR. LAKOFF EEEEK! :D...... My apologies.. I am a Linguist, and he is quite the big hat in the field... *cough* Ok, moving on.)

-- Chalk is now a crime in Orlando, as an Occupier was arrested for writing on the sidewalk with it. The young man was writing "The revolution will not be televised" when he was arrested and charged with violating an ordinance that prohibits the writing or painting on sidewalks or paved streets. (Just think of all the 8 year olds they must have locked up right now for hopscotch.)

-- A police officer caught on camera shoving a protester off a row of planters back in November has been suspended... for a day. He was working an off-duty security job at the time of the incident, and as a result, he has also been banned from off-duty work for two months.

-- Occupy Harvard will be taking down their tents at some point in the next week, but their geodesic dome will remain in place. A gift from supporters at rival school MIT, the dome has been a show of solidarity and warmth, as they added tarps to make it a safe haven for protesters. Occupiers are moving into what they call Occupy Harvard 2.0.

-- Occupy Chicago is facing some troubled waters, thanks to the Mayor of the city. With the G8 and NATO conference coming in May (15-22, if you are interested), the Mayor says he is considering adding strict rules to prevent protesters from marching and camping. Occupiers have applied for permits to march, but the Mayor has yet to accept them. He is talking about adding huge fines and arrests, as well as further limiting park hours.

I graduate with my Bachelor's Degree on May 12th. You are all invited. :) I definitely want to go up to Chi-town for this. How about you?


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