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Updates 12/7/11

Hello all.

I apologize for the lack of updates yesterday. I had a multitude of difficulties get in my way, including everything from a block-wide internet outage to my dog chewing my eyeglasses beyond repair. (Yes, I no longer have wearable glasses.)

Here is the news today:

MSM is talking a lot today about eviction:

---Occupy SF was evicted last night, with over 70 arrests. Police gave a five minute warning before they moved in, arresting 30 under suspicion of "illegal lodging" and 40 more when they blocked Market Street in protest. Two people were arrested when they threw a metal chair at an officer.

-- Occupy Sudbury (Canada) has been given eviction notice, as well as being told that tents and fires are no longer allowed. The city council member said that she feels bad for the eviction, because she understands that the Occupiers are working on getting their point across, but that patience has worn thin.

-- Occupy NOLA was evicted on Tuesday. The mayor said "It just got to the point where we believe that there was public health at risk and public safety at risk and that the First Amendment rights were being executed in a way that was not in compliance." He said protesters are welcome to return during the parks business hours.

-- Occupy Calgary (Canada) is preparing for eviction on Friday. A judge imposed the 2pm deadline, saying that the park rules are justified. He also expressed concern at the city for trying to blame protesters for damages and safety concerns. The judge said that the city has no proof Occupiers were the ones who caused the damage, and that aside from one incident that was obviously an accident, no safety concerns have been cited.

-- A judge has ruled that Police must give at least a 24 hour notice to Occupy DC before attempting to evict them. While the judge would not sign a temporary restraining order, he did say that Occupiers should not be evicted unless in the case of an emergency.

-- Occupy Hartford was told to pack up and leave yesterday, amid safety and public health concerns. Police are still investigating a sexual assault that occurred at the site last week.

-- 15 different complaints have been filed against the LAPD for misconduct and misbehavior of police during the raid on Occupy LA last week. Internal Affairs will be investigating allegations, which range from not allowing bathroom use to excessive force.

Ok, let's move on from evictions.

-- "Occupy Our Homes" is spreading throughout the nation. Occupiers in cities like Detroit, NYC, Seattle, SF, Austin, Jacksonville, and Atlanta are occupying foreclosed and soon-to-be foreclosed upon homes. Yesterday, Occupy Atlanta disrupted no less than 3 foreclosure auctions. The movement is getting plenty of attention from the news, but that isn't all. An internal memo is circulating that shows Bank of America is not too happy about the disruption of the proceedings. You can check it out here:

-- In Zamboanga City (Phillipines), a youth organization called ANAKBAYAN is criticizing the government after brutal force was used to disperse protesters. Students and Human Rights Advocates joined together to protest the cuts to education and human services, but were barricaded in and shot with water cannons.

And now in "WTF were you thinking" news--- A woman in Melbourne was forcibly disrobed and left in only a bra and panties in a park, after she wore a tent as her clothing. Police stripped her in public, despite her screams of "This isn't consenual" and "Please don't take my clothes off." You can see more on the story and the horrifying video here:

EDIT::: I just received an email stating that Occupy DC has over 200 in the streets for a National Occupy Action today. You can watch them try to shut down K Street here:

That's all I have time for today. I appreciate your patience.


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