Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updates 12/18/11

Good afternoon everyone.

There isn't much news today. Sorry about that, but let's just call it "news light" or "news for those on a budget." :)

Here you go:

-- A group of women is traveling around malls in San Diego, singing carols to shoppers. The group, called "Women Occupy San Diego," describe themselves as middle class and middle aged. Their carols warn people of the perils of corporations, and so far they have received much support.

The big news today is:

-- Around 50 members of Occupy Wall Street were arrested yesterday when they attempted to gain a new encampment at the Trinity Church. Protesters scaled the fence with a ladder, or used the ladder to lift the fence so they could go underneath it. Hundreds of others marched nearby, and police tackled protesters in the crowd, arresting some of them for unknown reasons. Among those arrested at the Church lot were several religious leaders, including a Father, a Priest, and a Bishop. They say that they believe the church should open its lot to those who need it, and that not doing so goes against the teachings of Jesus.

I told you the news was short. But in reality, sometimes that may be a good thing. A lack of news may mean that the mainstream media is ignoring what is going on, or it may mean that most Occupiers were left in peace for a night, to gather and share thoughts and plans. Let's hope it is the latter.


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