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Updates 12/19/11

Good afternoon everyone.

I'm pretty sure the MSM (mainstream media) is doing its best NOT to cover the Occupy movement again. It's getting more difficult to find information through them, and even though they aren't my only source, it can be difficult to figure out where to look without their (shoddy) coverage. Anyway, I'll keep doing my best. I am feeling better, but now my sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up. That's why I've been posting so late recently.

Also, in case you live under a rock (kidding), the Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, has died.

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy London is in the courts this week, fighting against eviction. The officials pushing for eviction claim the encampment is full of crime, and encourages drug addicts to join. They say it is unfair to worshipers who visit the cathedral. The judge will be visiting the encampment tonight to help him decide his ruling. Some protesters aren't waiting for the ruling, and are packing up and leaving.

-- A man in Portland (OR) was arrested yesterday during a rally against the NDAA, after he spit in a security guard's face. The security guard had asked them to leave the mall when a confrontation ensued, leading to the man spitting on the officer. Two others were arrested the day before for interfering with police and resisting arrest.

-- Occupy Phoenix is in front of a local hospital now. The are protesting the Sheriff's Office's treatment of a man who was being booked before having to be taken to the hospital. The Sheriff's Office said the man, Ernest Atencio, was acting violently, so after attempting restraint they used a stun gun. Ernest Atencio was then found to be unresponsive, and taken to the hospital, where he is now on life support.

-- Occupy Austin is camping out in front of a building where a school board meeting will soon be held. They are holding places in line for parents that cannot camp, so that they can be the first 30 to sign up to attend the meeting. Each protester has the name of a parent or student who will take their place in line, so they will be allowed to speak during the meeting. One issue being discussed is the possible removal of the bilingual education programming. (As a linguist, this infuriates me. Latino students already have the highest high school dropout rate of all ethnicities, so let's make it even harder on them, shall we? I just did a full research paper concerning bilingual education, and my findings lead me to believe that not only is bilingual education better than immersion programs, but it is also extremely important to the well-being and future academic success of a bilingual child. Damn, school boards, look into a little research before you make decisions that will affect the lives of thousands of children.)

-- The streets of San Diego were filled with a march to support Bradley Manning on Saturday, calling him a whistleblower who should be celebrated as a war hero, not punished. (Not Dave NC- I did receive your emails, and I agree with them. I didn't think I would be right so soon.)

-- Occupy Fort Lauderdale is moving to protest the foreclosure of a home that houses a family of seven. Wells Fargo Bank is looking to serve their final eviction notice to the family, but not without some controversy. Apparently, the family has the money to pay the overdue charges, but the bank is refusing to take the money. Instead, they are going to take the home.

Author's rant- How is this even legal? This is why we shouldn't have banks or money in politics. I owe a debt. I have money to pay the debt. You won't take the money. HOW IS THIS MY FAULT? I cannot stand to watch this sort of stupidity take place. I know why Wells Fargo won't take the money. It's simple really. The homeowner has already paid a large amount of the debt off, meaning that Wells Fargo has received lots of money. Therefore, if they take the house, they get to keep all that money that they made, while they can sell the house again, and make more money off the next person who buys it. It's a freaking scheme, and it should be completely illegal. I have a proposition. How about for all foreclosures, we make the banks pay the homeowners back what they've paid in, minus the amount for repairs (which of course should be judged by a non-party contractor) and possible rent costs. So if a bank charges you $1000 a month for your mortgage payment, and you've paid in for twenty months, you've paid $20,000. Say the contractor judges $2000 for repairs. Ok, so there is $18,000 left. Now reasonable rent for said home is around $500 a month, for twenty months, which equals $10,000. So the bank should have to pay the homeowner back $8,000. Let's call it a "You're a frickin jerk and now you have to pay for it" law. :) Yes, I know this probably wouldn't ever work, but isn't it a nice thought? Banks would be a lot less willing to swipe someone's home out from under them if they had to pay them to do it.


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