Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updates 12/20/11

Hello everyone,

The LA Times posted an interesting blog concerning the new Dark Knight movie, and how it seems to directly correspond to the Occupy movement. While it may be a stretch, considering that protesters don't exactly blow up football fields during games, it still makes some interesting points, and has the trailer attached. You can look it over here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/movies/2011/12/dark-knight-rises-trailer-nolan-batman.html

So, here is the news for today:

-- Plenty of mainstream media outlets are reporting that the Occupy Denver encampment went out in a blaze of glory last night. Apparently as police moved in to evict protesters, two Occupiers apparently began to set fire to structures, leading the fire department to have to douse the flames. Those two were arrested for arson, and two more were arrested for disobeying police orders. Several Occupiers dropped to one knee in "Tebow" style, before singing "God Bless America" and retreating.

-- Occupy Iowa had 8 arrests yesterday for trespassing, as they protested at the Iowa Democratic Party Headquarters. They are unsatisfied with measures concerning defense spending, jobless benefits, and a proposed oil pipeline. Occupiers say they did not intend to be arrested, but they wanted to attract attention to what's going on.

-- An older man was taken to the hospital from the Occupy Eugene encampment this morning, suffering from life-threatening injuries that required CPR early this morning. Police don't yet know what happened to the man, but they are assuming it was a fight of some sort.

-- Occupy Oakland may have problems if they decide on another port shutdown. Several city council members have made it clear that the cost of a port shutdown outweighs the cost of confrontation, so they will be sending in police to stop protesters the next time it happens. They say that the economic consequences of the port shutdown was roughly 4 million dollars, and that the city cannot afford for this to happen again. (Freedom of speech costs too much, apparently.)

-- Occupy DC had 11 arrests last night while marching to protest the NDAA. The protesters who were arrested had apparently gotten "too close" to the White House gates. Occupiers demanded the President Obama veto the bill.

-- Harvard had a visit from some "Occu-elves" yesterday, as Occupiers scampered around campus delivering gift-wrapped coal to the men they called the "Naughty boys of Harvard." A great little video of the deliveries accompanies the story. You can see it here: http://bostinno.com/2011/12/19/occupy-harvard-rips-administration-delivers-coal-to-the-naughty-boys-of-harvard-video/

-- Occupy London has moved into a fourth location, claiming a courthouse that has sat vacant since 1996. The Old Street Courthouse is in a prime location, and protesters will use it to stage "trials of the 1%." The currently have a case in the High Courts as well, fighting off eviction of their encampment outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

-- Police in Albany are looking for a suspect accused of assaulting an Occupy Albany member while he slept in his tent on Sunday. The man was awakened by someone entering his tent, and was kicked in the face and punched several times before the attacker fled. The victim required treatment at a local hospital. Police say they know who the attacker is, and that the assault was the result of a continuing domestic dispute.

-- Occupy Brattleboro (VT) had their encampment removed yesterday, after police found out the tents were only being used for storage or had been abandoned, during a welfare check. They say no one was staying at the encampment, and they had never formally asked Occupiers to leave. (Well... that's quite odd.)

That's all I have time for today. Tomorrow, I will be visiting my mother, and will be reporting from her town, up north. We'll be pretty close to St. Louis, in a crappy town no one knows about. :)


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