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Updates 12/12/11

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I'm starting to believe that Graduate school applications are due in December/January not to give them time to look the apps over and decide, but because they want to see how much they can make undergraduates sweat. Huge papers, final exams, and Grad school apps... Yikes. Anyway, thanks to Mrs. Hrabak for the CSPAN tip.

Here's your news for today:

-- The founders of Ben and Jerry were on CSPAN earlier today, discussing their support of OWS.

-- An Occupier at Uc Berkeley was taken into police custody yesterday. The young man had taken a vow of silence previously, and was sitting in a group when officers handcuffed him. Occupiers say that the police cited the California Welfare and Institutions Code for the detainment, which says that if police believe someone has a mental disorder, and may cause harm to themselves or others, they may be detained and placed in a mental health facility. (Wait, so now they can declare us crazy for not speaking, arrest up when we are doing nothing wrong, and shove us into a mental health facility? W.T.F.)

-- The City of Cleveland held an emergency council meeting late last week, and declared their support for the Occupy movement. You can read their Cleveland Resolution, which was sent to Congress, and President Barack Obama, here:

-- Occupy NOLA protested at the Mayor's home yesterday, in response to the pre-dawn eviction last Tuesday. Protesters brought a list of demands, including providing homes for the homeless, compensation for property destroyed in the raid, and dropping all charges against Occupiers.

-- Occupy Maine has decided to sue the city of Portland, claiming that their free speech rights have been violated. The lawsuit will also ask for an injunction protecting protesters from being evicted and arrested.

-- Around 100 protesters have reclaimed the People's Plaza in Minneapolis after their previous eviction. Many Occupiers have been threatened with arrest if they are found on County property again. This marks the two month anniversary of OccupyMN.

I'm sure we are all aware of the big news for today. Mainstream media is all over the West Coast Port Shutdown, but I'm not so sure it should be called that. Read on to find out why.

-- Occupy Oakland has hundreds of people at the Port of Oakland. A drizzly rain is not deterring them, and Port Officials are reporting sporadic disruptions to business.

-- Occupy Portland had a few mishaps on the way to the Port of Portland protest. 2 individuals were arrested for weapons charges, while another set of Occupiers allegedly stole a car and crashed it. Otherwise, Portland has hundred of Occupiers at the Port, and operations have been limited.

-- Occupy Seattle is at the Port of Seattle, with two different marches an a rally planned for the day. Seattle protesters are still waiting on an eviction from their college encampment as well.

-- Hundreds of Occupiers are protesting at the Port of San Diego, disrupting business operations.

-- Over 400 Occupiers are at the Port of Long Beach, marching on a company owned by Goldman Sachs. 200 of these are being threatened with arrest by police.

-- Occupy Denver is working to shut down a huge Walmart Distribution Center in support of the Port shutdowns.

-- Over 150 Occupiers are demonstrating at the Port of Hueneme. The are protesting Del Monte foods, which is owned by a company whose main specialty is leveraged buyouts, and are thought to be some of the worst of the 1% abusers.

-- Occupy Houston is moving in on the Port of Houston today, demonstrating outside of the executive offices in solidarity with the West Coast Shutdown.

-- Occupy Honolulu and Occupy Maui have gotten the thumbs up from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Union members are being told they do not have to cross the Occupy picket lines, and that they can choose to not show up for work in solidarity.

-- Occupy Vancouver is blocking the largest port in Canada, despite local unions saying they will not give their support.

**Author's Note:

Isn't it funny how the media gets so surprised when protests go on "despite the lack of support" of unions or political parties? It seems they still don't understand, or don't want to understand, that the Occupy movement isn't something that can be pushed around with money, fame, or hugs from corporations. The movements are not getting smaller, as they might think. Many individuals are like me, with the lack of a great immune system. We've had to move to indoor Occupying, but there are more of us than they know. When Spring arrives, I would be willing to bet that the movements gain double the amount of people they have now. And that's just my opinion. I watch the movements on by the way.

That's all I have for today. Stay warm, stay dry, stay healthy.


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