Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Updates 12/21/11

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is having a fairly stress-free holiday season so far, and if not, you should calm down a bit. :)

Here is the news for today:

-- Tim Pool, famous for his never-ending livestreams in NYC, has invested in a little something to help Occupiers who may be assaulted by police. The Occucopter, as he calls it, is a tiny helicopter controlled by an iPhone. It has a camera, and Tim has made it so the video will be livestreamed when he sends it up.

-- Occupy Eugene has an eviction in their future. City council members told police to remove the encampment, but did not say when. The city says this is a result of the fighting that broke out at the encampment on Monday.

-- The eviction of Occupy Auckland is heading to the appeals court. The group had been given 48 hours to evacuate the public square, with the eviction citing damage to the square and the breaching of bylaws.

-- Occupy Richmond has left the home of the mayor's neighbor, after he requested they do so. The neighbor had offered his land to the Occupiers to help them display their First Amendment rights, but the city issued a citation for violating zoning laws. Although he asked the protesters to leave, he did thank them for being responsible guests. Occupiers believe the zoning citation was just another form of harassment felt by the movement, and that it was unfair.

-- An amazing show of solidarity came through from China yesterday, as over 30,000 Chinese occupied a highway in protest of a new coal plant. News reports came in of at least 2 deaths in clashes with police, with several arrested, but reports are spotty.

-- Occupy DC had 7 more arrests yesterday, when protesters sat down on the sidewalk outside the White House, and refused to leave. They were demonstrating against the NDAA, and many said they would not be voting for President Obama unless he vetoed it.

That's all I have for today. Sorry about the short post; it can be difficult to focus here.


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