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Updates 12/11/11

Good afternoon everyone.

I'm sure you've noticed my updates coming later in the day. This is an unfortunate side effect of being up until around 3 or 4 a.m. writing. Almost done, though! :)

Here is your news for today:

Dang... Slow news day. Anyway...

-- The City of Oakland apparently wasn't happy with the way a couple painted their home's door... So they painted over it for them. The couple had originally painted the doors and windows of their storefront home, but painted over the windows until a "better artist" could make it over with their designs. The door was painted with the words "Occupy Oakland, Occupy Wall Street, Change the World." Apparently, city workers did not like it, as when they made the rounds to paint the trash cans brown, they also painted the door. You can see original/current photos and read the story here:

-- The retired Philly Police Captain who was arrested in NYC is getting an earful. The Commissioner and the Fraternal Order of Police are both chastising the man for wearing his uniform to protests, saying he is being "disrespectful." The retired officer says they are simply using bully tactics. The Commissioner said that he has officially put the retired Captain on notice, and that if the NYPD want to arrest him for impersonating an officer, so be it.

-- Occupy Providence joined up with several Homeless Advocacy groups for a rally yesterday. The groups are working together on the Homeless Bill Of Rights, a piece of legislature meant to protect and assist homeless people in attaining rights they lose simply because they are homeless, such as voting.

-- An Occupy San Diego media liaison was arrested last night for "sleeping" while on the 33rd day of his hunger strike. Protesters claim that the man was wide awake when he was arrested, and that this just shows the continued harassment faced by Occupiers from the police.

-- The SF Police raided Occupy SF's encampment in front of the Federal Reserve building early this morning. Police in riot gear invaded at around 4 a.m., resulting in over 50 arrests. Police are claiming that protesters were spitting on and shoving police, but no violence was reported. Apparently all Occupiers were released from custody before sunrise.

-- Police arrested 2 Occupiers in DC for assault after they took away a sign from a counter-protester. The sign read "Get a Job," and the man holding it admitted that the protesters who took it did not touch him in any way. After police arrested the two, they sent officers to stand near the man for protection. Other Occupiers stood next to the man with signs that read "I'm a D Bag," and others that contained curse words.

-- Occupy Honolulu marched to a Waikiki Hyatt hotel for International Human Rights Day. Surprised hotel guests listened as Occupiers explained through Mic Check that the Hyatt treats their employees badly, by not providing safe work spaces and subcontracting work. The Hyatt hotel chain is owned by Goldman Sachs and the Pritzker family, which are both part of the one percent.

-- Occupy Palm Beach moved their encampment this morning, with an agreement from the city. Occupiers were located in a grassy area between two streets, but someone had rented the spot to teach trapeze lessons. The city offered the group a courtyard near the old City Hall, which they accepted.

That's all the news I have for today. I know it's short. I hope you are all well.


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