Monday, December 26, 2011

Updates 12/26/11

Good morning everyone!

As you can see, I'm slowly working back to my old schedule. News is probably going to be interesting again for a little while, as Mainstream media certainly does like to get hooked on one topic and stay there. First it was "OMG Occupiers Black Friday Thanksgiving Blah Blah." Now it's going to be "OMG Occupiers Christmas Blah blah." Right now, I'm thinking "OMG Occupiers I'm COLD!" I'm sitting outside in 30 degree weather typing this with no gloves. No worries, though. I'm on my mom's back porch. :)

Here's the news for today:

-- Rt Reverend Richard Chartres, the third most senior cleric of the Church of England, dropped by the Occupy London encampment to spread good cheer and well wishes yesterday. Delivering a large box of chocolates to Occupiers enjoying their Christmas dinner, he had a few suggestions. While he has asked the protesters to leave, he also asked that there be a way for them to leave a lasting legacy behind so people know what they know why the encampment was there. Suggestions included erecting a tent inside the church, where people could visit for more information, or even a homeless shelter for those who need it.

-- Occupy Wall Street headed over to Zucotti Park to celebrate Christmas, but were "grinched" out by police, who would not allow food to enter the park. Refusing to allow law enforcement to dampen their spirits, protesters instead lined the sidewalks to get their food from the potluck. Plenty of high spirits and music abounded, with children dancing and playing instruments as well. One Occupier said the OWS really catches the true giving spirit of Christmas, which is why she wanted her children to be involved.

-- An Astrologer is predicting the fate of the Occupy movement in Oakland, using the the date of October 10 as its "birthday." She is also looking at Mayor Quan's charts for any intersections. Both birth dates are Libra, and the astrologer says that the charts are interwoven with each other. She says the movement will not die down or go quiet, but that we all need to work together, and many challenges lie ahead. (Kind of a fun story, but is it really news, MSM?)

-- A man claiming to be an Occupier was arrested yesterday in Columbia (SC). He was arrested for public urination after he left a puddle next to the Veteran's Monument in the park. Occupiers say they do not know him, and police believe he may be a homeless man claiming affiliation.

-- As I previously reported, Occupy Berkeley's encampment was raided last Thursday by police. Video and personal accounts abound concerning possible police brutality during the raid, but now there is a twist. With the Berkeley government on vacation for the holiday's, police are claiming they did NOT raid the camp. They are denying involvement in the Occupier's eviction, saying they simply asked protesters to leave, and they did. Even though there is video of tents being thrown into trucks, people being arrested, and a random projectile weapon, police are saying no force was used. (OH COME ON. SERIOUSLY WTF.)

-- Occupy Nashville's encampment had a bit of drama yesterday when a fight broke out in the encampment yesterday, involving two women. One woman was pregnant, and as the fight started, Occupiers attempted to break it up. Concerned over the action unfolding, a news camera man called 911 for help. The pregnant woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out, and police say charges may be filed. Aside from the one fight, Occupy Nashville had a beautiful Christmas Day, with plenty of food and music to be enjoyed by all present.

Apparently Anonymous belongs to Occupy now, if you listen to the mainstream media...

-- An American thinktank that holds millions of credit card numbers, as well as plenty of other forms of information, was hacked by Anonymous yesterday. Anonymous claims to have stolen credit card numbers and emails, with no statement of what they will be used for. Already, consumers have been calling in to say they have unauthorized purchases on their accounts. (The mainstream media is trying to link this to Occupy, saying that this is just dragging the movement down into the criminal world.)

That's all for today, everyone. I hope your holiday was a pleasant one.


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  1. "-- A man claiming to be an Occupier was arrested yesterday in Columbia (SC). He was arrested for public urination after he left a puddle next to the Veteran's Monument in the park. Occupiers say they do not know him, and police believe he may be a homeless man claiming affiliation. "

    There is something radically upsetting about this reporting. I have found this type of comment from the very beginning. Somehow, it's incredulous to suggest, infer, imply that the homeless are not, and I repeat, are not at the very center of the Occupy movement. "Claiming affiliation."????? What's wrong here? Of course he is. The ordinances cited by police and elected officials are aimed directly at the homeless, in order to exclude them from society. Those ordinances are aimed directly at the Occupy movement, in order to exclude them from society. Let's try to focus, folks. We're all 99%. Don't let the insidious corporate media (used to be MSM) influence our thinking.

  2. Tompoe, I hope you are not assuming that is how I, as the writer, see the homeless. I can assure you I do not. What I attempt to do with this blog is give people a (somewhat) accurate view of what local MSM and other forms of media, such as social media, are saying about occurrences. So what I do is look at the story from as many angles as I can, including MSM, press releases from Occupy, Facebook and Twitter comments, and decipher what's going on. For this particular story, it was only discussed in MSM, therefore that is the opinion you see. I only insert my own opinions in the story (like this.) If you don't see those parentheses, it's not my opinion.

    I do agree with you, that we are in fact fighting to help the homeless, and it makes no sense to throw them under the bus because they do something we aren't proud of. These people need our help, and we need theirs. We need to remember that.