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Updates 12/3/11

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Less than two weeks until the end of the semester for me! Wish me luck with my applications to grad school. Almost every school I applying to has an Occupy movement present. Unintentional but awesome. So anyway...

Miley Cyrus is all over the Occupy news for writing a protest song. Some say she's exploiting the movement, others say she's the "perfect face" for it. (Seriously?)

UPDATE: Dublin is apparently on the move! Watch them at live.

Here is the news for today:

-- The U.N. is apparently unhappy with the way the US is handling protesters. They say that human rights are being violated, and the federal government is letting it happen. You can read a HuffPost article about it here:

-- A judge has ruled that the college Occupy Seattle has been using as a base can throw them out. The ruling may not have been necessary, as protesters marched to an abandoned warehouse to use as a new location. The building is slated for demolition, to make way for an apartment complex.

-- Occupy OKC had been granted a temporary restraining order while they wait for an evidentiary hearing next week. The judge said he wanted to "prevent irreparable harm" and preserve the "status quo."

-- Occupy Cedar Rapids is planning for protests and rallies against a new factory in Iowa. While it would create jobs, protesters are horrified at what the factory would be producing- drones for government agencies.

-- The city has given Occupy Orlando a deadline of midnight Sunday to remove possessions from the grass near the park. Police say they have not been enforcing the violations so far, but they will be starting to enforce the city code.

-- Occupy Portland (Oregon) is still planning on setting up another encampment, but the mayor is having a conniption. He has told police to enforce park rules, but "in a peaceful manner."

-- Code violations in Albany are being used as an excuse, says Occupy Albany. The protesters are supposed to have until December 22 to vacate the park, but they were told that if they do not fix the multiple violations in their camp by the 6th, they will be evicted.

-- Occupy Fort Lauderdale has been told they can no longer have their tents. The City Attorney told the judge that the tents were blocking access to City Hall, which violated safety codes. While the judge seemed sympathetic to the Occupiers, he still ruled that the city was within its rights to ask them to take down the structures.

-- An anonymous call sent police to the Occupy Hartford camp, due to a sexual assault. The woman who was assaulted was inappropriately kissed and groped by a man at the camp. Police are not sure if the man was a protester. He apparently fled after the assault. The man is reportedly named Carlos, weighs around 130 lbs, and was wearing a black coat and jeans. Got info on this guy? Call Hartford Police at 860-757-4000.

-- Occupy New Haven had an interesting visit yesterday. A 69 year old man, clad in red, white, and blue and carrying an American flag, noticed an upside down flag in the encampment. He started a heated fight with protesters, leading to his arrest. Two Occupiers were also arrested.

-- CBS news is reporting that around a dozen LAPD officers infiltrated the Occupy LA camp before the raid, and reported that weapons were being built. These weapons were never used. You can read their story on it here:

-- 2 men associated with Occupy Vancouver were arrested yesterday for threatening a city employee. The man was hanging "No Trespassing" signs outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery, when the demonstrators took offense and began verbally threatening the man.

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