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Updates 12/2/11

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Here is the news for today:

-- Occupy Richmond is working with an unexpected ally, according to the news. The Tea Party in Richmond was charged thousands of dollars to hold rallies in the city, while the Occupy movement was not. After the Tea Party requested the city return the money spent, the city responded by demanding an audit of the Tea Party's finances. The city is claiming the audit was not in response to the request, but both the Tea Party and Occupy Richmond are standing up against what they are calling "government injustices."

-- A demonstrator with a disability is being represented by the ACLU in court. The woman, who has back problems, and needed a chair to be able to protest, was told by police she would not be allowed to sit on October 27.. She was then arrested with 7 others.

-- Occupy Tampa had 29 arrests last night for refusing to leave a park. They were charged with trespassing and resisting arrest without violence.

-- The hearing for Occupy Youngstown's permit has been delayed. Their lawyer has fallen ill, and requested a postponement. The city didn't object.

-- A man has finally been charged in the November 10 shooting death near Occupy Oakland. The man is not an Occupier.

-- Occupy Portland (Maine) has been denied a permit by the city, citing 'health and safety concerns.' One city council member called the camp a 'public safety disaster.' The disappointed Occupiers have said they might remain at the park, even if the city votes to evict them.

-- Occupy Portland (Oregon) is marching on Saturday, followed by setting up a new encampment. They are frustrating both the city and the media by not saying which park they are going to.

-- GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was interrupted at an MTSU speech last night. Protesters called out "You owe an apology to the American people," and "Sexual abuse is not acceptable." Cain refused to respond, as he was there to speak about Business, and had promised no talk of politics. Later, in the questions section, he said "We have freedom of speech. Some people simply abuse it. The way I interpret it was they interrupted my party because they couldn't attract their own."

-- MSNBC is predicting the next camps to be evicted. They say Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco are likely targets.

-- A judge has turned down Occupy San Diego's request for an injunction that would stop police from enforcing the municipal camping ban.

-- Occupy SF is having dealing with inner turmoil. Some protesters want to accept the city's offer to move to a different location, while others are saying they will stay. The group is becoming divided, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle also reports that a man set a tent on fire because he was angry with his neighbors, and that barricades were kicked and torn down, causing a few injuries before they were removed.

-- Over 100 Occupiers in DC gathered outside of an office building where Congressional Democrats were fundraising last night. They chanted and beat drums, and at one point scuffled with police during a sit in. Despite this and the protest of President Obama's speech and fundraiser, many news articles are still attempting to paint Occupy as a "Democrat machine" that targets only Republicans.

-- Occupy LA had 18 more arrests last night, with full criminal misdemeanor charges of failure to disperse. The National Lawyer's Guild is becoming frustrated with the court system as a result. When arrested for a misdemeanor, the standard process for California law is to cite and release individuals with a court date. However, protesters have been given bail amounts of $5000 each. Over 200 people remained in jail yesterday morning because they could not afford to bond out.

-- 3 protesters were arrested in Boston yesterday, over a sink. Police are confiscating any items that could be used to make the encampment a permanent dwelling, and the sink was one of them. Around 100 Occupiers surrounded the police vehicles, so more were called to the scene. The 3 were arrested for disorderly conduct.

-- Occupy Wall Street is moving inside, to an office building less than a block away from the NYSE. They are working on new and old items alike, such as helping the homeless who were evicted, and watching the mainstream media. They are also working on multiple rallies.

That's all I have time for today. I try to answer questions and emails, but the past few days have been hectic, so please forgive me. I write what I have time for.


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