Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updates 12/8/11

Good morning everyone.

It's frosty out here this morning. 26 degrees, yet we also still have a flood warning for the Big Muddy River. Isn't that odd?

Here is the news for today:

-- Occupy Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) was evicted last night, after the city says they failed to secure a permit, even though they had been notified several times of the need to do so. When police arrived, the protesters present packed up their belongings and left. The city says that protesters who were not there at the time can make arrangements to come and retrieve their items. The group said that they are working on getting a permit.

-- Appearing in place of Mitt Romney, Chris Christie (NJ Gov.) found himself interrupted by Occupy Iowa yesterday. Occupiers mic checked and said "Chris Christie and Mitt Romney are the 1%. Put people first!" As Christie chastised them to "work it all out" themselves, his staff members and West Des Moines police immediately escorted protesters outside.

-- Occupy SF had another run-in with police yesterday. They shut down Market Street and returned to the plaza, only to be met by police. At one point during the standoff, a man who was handcuffed by police called out for medical attention while visibly shaking. According to both Occupiers and local news, it took at least a half hour for medical help to arrive, but the man was conscious when they put him in the ambulance.

-- While the Seattle Central Community College prepares to evict Occupy Seattle, it doesn't seem to bother the protesters much, according to KPLU News. Protesters strung Christmas lights between the trees, telling reporters that they hope for a peaceful evacuation when the time comes.

-- Occupy DC had over 70 arrests yesterday in a Day of Action. Protesters blocked off K Street, the main area connected with lobbying activity. Traffic was backed up for hours as police dragged Occupiers out of the road. Many linked arms and then laid in the street, causing police and driver anger alike. Others were arrested for refusing to leave the steps of the Supreme Court building, where signs are not allowed.

-- Also in DC, Occupiers are beginning a hunger strike today. They say they will not eat, and will drink only water, until DC is given full voting rights as a district in Congress. The last bill to do so failed when it was amended to include a reduction of gun control in the area. (Our government at work- "Let's attach things to everything! Nothing should be voted on unless it also has importance to meee!" Yuck.)

-- Police in Denver have their feet in their mouths. Officer text messages from car to car have been released, showing that many officers are engaging in name-calling and bad attitudes towards protesters. Typical messages are seen most often, such as "Telling protesters to step back so city bus can clear." However, many messages include calling Occupiers "stupid" and "retarded." Occupiers say this shows that the city has a bias against them, but the city claims that a few officers do not represent the whole.

-- Occupy Honolulu has trouble brewing, as does the local homeless population. The city council is working on passing a bill that makes it legal for police to confiscate personal items left on public property for more than 24 hours. While the bill is meant to be used against groups like Occupy, many fear that it will be abused by taking things from "the poorest of the poor;" the homeless.

-- Occupy NOLA has been granted a temporary restraining order, allowing them to retake the park. The judge ruled that the city did not follow judicial process for the eviction.

-- Occupy Boston is planning to appeal the ruling a judge handed down yesterday. The ruling, which will not protect Occupy Boston from arrests, says that protesters failed to show how seizure of public land is protected under the First Amendment.

-- Occupiers in Maine are certainly having some difficulties. In both Augusta and Portland, rulings have come out against protesters. Portland was denied a permit on the grounds of public safety, while Augusta was told by a judge that they must get a permit and stop camping.

That's all I have time for today. I hope you are all well.

(On a side note, as the holidays grow closer, I will be saying things like "Christmas," "Yule," "Holidays," "Hanukkah," and other similar phrases. If you are offended by "Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or Happy Yule," please, go get bent and whine about it somewhere else. Thanks.)


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