Thursday, December 29, 2011

Updates 12/29/11

Hello everyone.

It seems the news is back to "normal," if you consider normal to be arresting protesters and raiding encampments.

Here's the news for today:

-- Occupy Oakland's new encampment on the west side of town was raided last night, with 14 people being cited and one arrested for trespassing. Dozens of tents were torn down after the property owner asked police to clear the area. Corporate Media is reporting that no one knows how long the encampment had been up, as it was hidden behind a fence.

-- 4 Occupiers were arrested last night in Bellingham when police in riot gear raided the park. 3 people were arrested for trespassing, and 1 more was arrested for disorderly conduct. Roughly 40 people wee in the park at the start of the raid. The Mayor says he agrees with many of the demands of protesters, but complaints of damage were too much.

-- Occupy Tuscon held a food drive right next to another one yesterday, with the other food drive ran by the man who got them ousted from the park. McClusky, the man running the second drive, is happy he got the Occupiers removed, calling them smelly and dirty hippies who need to get jobs at McDonalds, Burger King, or the military. You can read all about this pretentious bastard here, and yes, that is my personal bias coming out:

-- Ten people were arrested in Iowa yesterday, at both the Romney headquarters and at Wells Fargo bank. 7 were arrested for refusing to leave Romney's headquarters, and were cited with trespassing, while 3 more were arrested for the same thing at a Wells Fargo branch, after they snuck in before the doors were locked. Protesters are upset that both Romney and Wells Fargo are not disclosing campaign funding information.

-- At least 4 people were arrested in a third raid on the Occupy Phoenix encampment. They were cited with "urban camping," which is part of the city law codes. Police moved in around 11 p.m., but with only four arrests, this seems to be the least amount in all 3 raids. The first had 38.

-- On December 22, a Marine Corps Veteran was cited for carrying an American Flag during a protest in San Diego. The police say the flag's pole was not within the allowed dimensions of the city's obscure municipal code, and that they could tell just by looking at it.

-- The Auckland City Council is attempting to gain a court order, allowing them to throw Occupiers who defy orders to leave the park in prison. The judge ruled that the proposal was "draconian," and that the legality of imprisonment for unnamed protesters is questionable. She also said that prison should only be used as a last resort, and that since no judges would be on the bench until after the new year, she will not rule on it now. Another court date is set for mid-January.

Here's an interesting read for everyone. Apparently Anonymous has posted a "guide" for people who are caught up in, or about to be part of, a "violent revolution," according to You can read the article about it here, complete with links to the actual guide:

That's all I have for today, everyone.


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