Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Updates 2/29/12

Hello everyone.

Time is short today. Apparently the massive storms that rolled through here did some damage, but I haven't been out yet to see.

On to the news:

-- Occupy Portland (Oregon) has a huge march and civil disobedience planned for today. They have not released exact plans on what route they are taking, but say they will protest corporations with "peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience." Police are expecting a march similar to one in November, in which several Occupiers were arrested.

-- Occupy Dame Street (Ireland) has been asked to vacate their Occupation spot, a plaza outside a bank, before St. Patrick's Day. In a letter delivered to the Occupiers, officials asked that Occupiers cooperate and provide assistance in the removal. Occupiers say that while they recognize the importance of the letter and it's request, they do not plan to leave any time soon.

-- OWS has a massive day of action set for today, with nearly 70 cities nationwide taking part in some form of protest. The move comes during a time when Occupiers are making a tough decision. A non-profit group, called the Movement Resource Group, has come out in support of Occupy, with the founders of Ben & Jerry's at the helm. They want to donate roughly a million dollars to Occupy functions, but the group would have to submit proposals for funding for these events. OWS members are torn over the decision.

-- Occupiers in Austin have a little something to be proud of. Inspired by the movement, the city of Austin is fielding a proposal that would involve looking into banking practices, to see if it would be more effective and cost-efficient to move the city resources to a credit union. The city says this was directly inspired by the Occupy Austin movement. The proposal is expected to pass.

-- European and South American police have arrested roughly 25 people, in what Interpol called "Operation Unmask." The 25 people are thought to be members of Anonymous, the hacktivist group. Among those arrested is a 16 year old girl. Interpol's website, as well as those belonging to the arresting officer's departments, immediately went down after the arrests went public, with Anonymous confirming that they hacked the site.


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