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Updates 4/1/12

Hello everyone.

Happy April! I don't celebrate April Fool's Day. I find it simply an excuse to make cruel jokes and humiliate people. It doesn't help that it is the anniversary of my grandmother's death from cancer quite some time ago. I actually dislike the "holiday" so much that I will stay home from work or school to avoid having "pranks" played on me. Some people say I don't have a sense of humor because of this. I do have a fun and quirky sense of humor, it just doesn't involve intentional humiliation and pain inflicted on others for the benefit of a laugh. Not gonna happen. If that means I don't have a "good sense of humor," so be it.

The other problem I have with April Fool's Day is that EVERYONE gets involved, including media outlets that many people rely on for accurate news. I found several stories today that seemed interesting, but upon reading them, I am almost sure they are false. I will not be reporting those here. If they are still up tomorrow, I may.

The news is almost always quiet on Sundays, and today is no different. Let's see what we've got.

-- The activists who chained open subway gates to allow free rides as protest are being sought by police. The Occupiers were well disguised, leaving police with little to go on. They have released several videos in an attempt to find them, but the quality is fairly muddy and grainy. The protesters had also put up signs mimicking the the MTA's service posters, so that people would actually take advantage of the opened gates.

Moving on to good article links.

-- This article from the New Haven Register details both the external and internal problems affecting Occupy New Haven as they fight to remain on the Green.

-- This isn't exactly Occupy, but being that I am going into Social Sciences, I found it intriguing. It's an article detailing the lack of "right wing" individuals in certain fields. Some blame it on discrimination. Others say it is because Republicans tend to go into other fields of their own accord. Give it a read, if you like.

-- This article from the Standard-Examiner explores how protests concerning the Trayvon Martin tragedy are escalating, and even going international.

-- Several well-known journalists and activists have filed suit against the NDAA, saying that they reasonably fear that their First Amendment rights may be denied. Some have even gone so far to say they are afraid to interview activists and Occupiers for fear they may be labeled terrorists as well. You can read the full story here.


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