Sunday, November 11, 2012

Updates 11/11/12

Hello everyone.

It's Veteran's Day. Take the time out of your day to thank any veterans you know for their service and sacrifice. 

-- News of the Rolling Jubilee is spreading fast, and multiple media sites are picking up on it. Here, Care2 shows us that they are amazed at this idea as well, and tells us about an upcoming event where tickets can be bought to see celebrities, and all money goes toward buying debt.

-- [Chuck] Do you want to know what you are eating? Of course you do. Head over here to take a stand against unlabeled GMO products, and tell the FDA to "just label it!"

-- [Chuck] America sends 8 million dollars worth of aid to Israel every day, but what would happen if we diverted that money for just one day? This petition asks the President to give one day's worth of Israel's aid to help Hurricane Sandy victims instead.

-- [Chuck] Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of our country, but Occupy Sandy is working hard to help the people. The picture at this link shows just how much people are willing to help each other in solidarity and strength. How amazing.

-- Occupy Harrisburg (PA) has quietly packed up and left their encampment. The group was the second longest running encampment in the US, only second to another Occupy movement in Fresno.

-- In Charlotte, NC, the KKK and the National Socialist Movement (aka neo-Nazi's-- I am NOT that kind of socialist. EW.) joined together to have an anti-immigration rally. Protesters came from miles around to remind the groups that their hatred was unwanted, with the protesters outnumbering the hate group five to one. Many of the protesters dressed as clowns, making a point that even though they were dressed as silly clowns, it was the hate-mongers who looked funny.


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