Thursday, November 22, 2012

Updates 11/22/12

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My apologies about the lack of news yesterday. As you all know, things are a little crazy around here. Let's get to this before my mother starts yelling at me for not spending time with the family. 

-- Israel and Gaza have come to a cease-fire agreement, and many people seem to be thrilled with it. Now if only it will last.

-- [Chuck] When the fighting was going on, it wasn't just in Gaza. This video will show you what happened in the online front, which quickly became a battleground in its own right.

-- [Chuck] When firefighters in NYC decided to do more than their usual jobs by feeding the hungry, they were thanked by the city with a notice of violation for not wearing hairnets of gloves. The city now says that this was a mistake, but people are appalled not only at the cold-heartedness of the actions, but also by the fact that they are paying health inspectors to come out on Sundays.

-- [Chuck] Black Friday is tomorrow, and Walmart workers are still working hard to stand up for their rights. The first link is from me, explaining how Walmart is attempting to stop any strikes. The second is from Chuck, and provides info on how you can help the strikers. 

-- [Chuck] From Buzzfeed, we have a photo-story of why we should all stay home on Black Friday. 


And remember, today is a day about spending time with family. If you don't have any family to spend it with, you should remember that we are all family in Occupy, even if that does sound cliche. We have to be here for each other.

Love to all, 


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